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Short Biography


Black gurdan female with yellow stripes, orange beak and forearms, yellow-orange eyes
5 feet tall at shoulder, 260 pounds


Rill, Duske
Great-great Grandson 


  • First appeared in Shivae!-Cler in silhouette watching the sunrise. (Cler, strip 22)
  • Mura is an old Gurdan gryphon who might as well be considered family to Duske and Rill. She is a teacher for their chicks and was Duske's teacher and her parent's teacher. She went with the couple when they relocated and depends on them more and more in her old age.
  • She is the mentor of the Anu Clan, serving as teacher and chick sitter in exchange for companionship and food.
  • Very old, nearing 80 years of age and losing her ability to fly.
  • She is wise and respected, and has many useful skills which include building, inventing, and making fire.
  • Makes carrying containers which she trades for food during bare seasons (Cler, strip 32)
  • Skilled healer
  • Enjoys being very formal... and spoiling Shivae chicks (Cler, strip 26)
  • Due to her age she needs a strong wind to fly, and her wings ache when she does (Cler, strip 50)
  • Hates Scythetails, calling them deadly creatures that kill by maiming and have no respect for other predators or the enlightened, who chose to go their own way a long time ago, and are now barbaric and jealous of their mutual advancements. (Cler, strip 38) She considers it a shame because they are enlightened and not simply beasts. (Cler, strip 39)
  • Traveled with Koel to the meeting tree
  • She trained her great-great grandson Daison, who is the current healer for the Nidae Clan. (Cler, strip 43)
  • Her father died protecting her while she was a fledgling when the elders of her tribe were culling chicks when madness set in due to overcrowding. (Cler, strip 150)
  • Considering training Cendi, Dreft, and Wei for Niref, (Cler, strip 151) and apparently agreed to it since they were in her care when she tended to Caiden. (Cler, strip 201)
  • Apparently knows of Digni and does not see them as an outright threat, (Cler, strip 304) knowing that they are not Newcomers. (Cler, strip 210)
  • After treating Caiden's injuries, she would leave to follow Duske and Rill. (Cler, strip 214)