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Short Biography


Female, white quills all over with heavy red stripes in badger-like markings, wears armor and bears a katana-type sword


Quill, Twinky



  • Has the ability to shift to a larger, more powerful form - an ability kept in check by a barrier on the military cell she was kept in while a subject of the miltary side of EG. (Sink or Swim, strip 311)


  • First appeared together with Quill entering the dorm in Campus Safari and overpowering the delivery man with their stench, (Campus Safari, strip 62) though more clearly seen in a fight versus Chatin. (Campus Safari, strip 67)
  • Not sure how she came into Velour's possession, but she and Quill are controlled by a device which limits their actions and speech (Campus Safari, strip 77) - they long for their freedom. (Campus Safari, strip 78)
  • Twinky felt she would probably kill him if he released her, she claimed it would be better to be dead than live like they are. (Campus Safari, strip 79)
  • Apparently, Twinky freed her and Quill, but the only evidence of such an action is that Quill realized he could feel his hands again, (Campus Safari, strip 80) and an unidentified shadow (presumably Quill, because of the size) standing behind Saige, telling her to move aside. (Campus Safari, strip 81) Before we know what happened, though, Twinky flees the scene, and Quill and Needles have not appeared again.

  • First glimpsed in Campus Safari 2.0 eating the drugged meat given to them by Twinky on Velour's orders. (CS2, Chapter 7, strip 7)

  • Possibly first appeared in Sink or Swim in a flashback escaping from Exotica Genoworks while Cere destroyed the place. (Sink or Swim, strip 18)
  • Next certain appearance was in another flashback sharing a cell at Genoworks with Quill. (Sink or Swim, strip 296)
  • Feels that getting more angry and more afraid will make her fight better. (Sink or Swim, strip 299)
  • Prefers to kill over running away to safety. (Sink or Swim, strip 312)


  • Spent her youth in Exotica Genoworks, with Quill as a cellmate. She did not take her imprisonment as well as he did, and seemed to be bordering on insanity and suicidal actions.(Sink or Swim, strip 296) Though Quill was there for Needles and it's possible that that is why Needles is still alive.