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Short Biography


Volcano Gryphon
Red volcano male , black arms and beak


  • Comes from the land where the sun sets, and warns of the coming newcomers, whom he perceives as invaders with no regard for their way of life, who take and enslave their kittens, and cannot even be spoken with. (Cler, strip 107) His warnings tend not to be listened to as the coming threat is not yet there. (Cler, strip 109, strip 111))
  • Mate and sister were killed by newcomers, (Cler, strip 151) one of his kittens was stolen by them (Cler, strip 111)
  • Leads a gryphon flock against Lord Dior to solve the Shivaes' Scythetail problem (Cler, strip 119)
  • He has suggested to his leaders that they relocate to new lands. The region near Mura looks good to him. (Cler, strip 148)
  • Wants Mura to train Cendi, Dreft, and Wei (Cler, strip 151)
  • Niref is attempting to get together as many native Cyantians as possible to resist the influx of Newcomers.