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No Angel takes place at the same time as Campus Safari, except for one difference, it centers on the human students who attend Mars Academy for one reason or another. Two humans, Marcus, a confirmed furry fanboy and Jules, an anime fangirl have recently been brought to Mars after aiding two faculty members and coming under the attention of the AMIB. To keep them safe,... the headmaster of the Mars Academy *Darius Akaelae* had them abducted.

Now, they have to deal with humans who don't remember ever being on Earth AND anthromorphic aliens. They also have to deal with werecreatures as fellow students, technomages, the masters of 'magical' technology, their somewhat crazy antics and behaviours, along with handling a familiar that is equivalent to a flying power plant. And then, there's the lifters, Lift Pilot students who have armored suits that range from simple battle armor to fully mobile robots they pilot, known as lifts.

And... now, Marcus is going to be a technomage.... Jules a lift pilot,.. if it weren't for the fact that Jules tried to escape and dragged Stephen and Sean, a pair of twin angel boys along with her to Earth,...