Omega Elite - Akaelae

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5 chapters, incomplete 8/28/92 - 12/16/92

The original story idea for Akaelae.

A trio of juvenile wolves, Darius, Celina, and Alpha (current incarnation Kela Akaelae) have a chance encounter with a fiery red fox named Flare smuggling guns into Centralis. They manage to escape her, but she pursues them to silence them. At the urging of their grandfather, the trio return to where they first saw her to find and destroy her weaponry. They manage to do so with the aid of a black Swamp Fox named Darrik that they free from her. While Flare reports about her problems to her boss Wolf, the trio sneak into an old Omega base located under the school, secretly being followed by Sheana Tibal. Wolf and Flare manage to ambush and kidnap Darius later while Sheana fights of the rest of the fox they brought there with the aid of elite armor she found in the base. She brings Celina and Alpha back to the base for armor of their own while sending out Darrik as bait for the kidnappers. While they track Darrik, an escaped Darius mangages to rescue him again.