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Short Biography


Kangaroo (EG mod Jilaic)
Gray with red markings, off-white hair and brown eyes. 6'5" and 250 pounds


Ricochete, Ash, Rebound, Cere


One of the five Kangaroos to be genetically-engineered by Exotica Genoworks, they were given over to the Fox militia, where they were abused. He managed to escape with the other Kangaroos who first took refuge with a Fox family, then eventually left and made their way to Centralis. It would be there that they would recieve citizenship and make something of their lives.

After the Centralis War, They would receive their ship and christen it 'Independence'. They would make regular shipping routes to various worlds, including Earth. It would be there that they would meet up with Mako, and pick up Tamera, Rayne, and Darrik.

In later comics, they would find a derelict Fox ship and discover a Tree Kangaroo who is connected to the ship's computer. They name her Nil and make her a part of their crew. Outback would become close to her. Upon returning to Centralis, they go on a little R and R to Sunset Haven along with Zax, except for Outback who wants to remain behind to look after Nil.

Outback would then reveal to Kel that he has had enough of being Cere's crew member, feeling bored, burned out and trapped, and wished for his freedom. (Sink or Swim, strip 221) Kel offers him a position to oversee the construction of a staging island on Earth (a small facility for research and recreation staffed mainly with aquatics and a weekly rotation of students) that they own through Human contacts. (Sink or Swim, strip 230) Outback accepts this, and with Nil in tow (to hopefully get her away from the Fox pursuing her), he leaves for Earth. (Sink or Swim, strip 231)


Known characteristics

  • Likes to do things by the book when in charge. A bit of a perfectionist. (Sink or Swim, strip 49)
  • Usually spends his free time reading (although his build shows that he also engages in intensive regular exercise when he is not). (Sink or Swim, strip 49)
  • Wants to protect Nil, and knows she won't be safe as long as Genoworks knows where she is.

Known traits and abilities

  • A certified medic. (Sink or Swim, strip 49, strip 57)
  • A strategist and an excellent pilot. (Sink or Swim, strip 49)
  • Obsessed with ship design, he can recognize old ships. (Sink or Swim, strip 249)


  • First appeared as a kid in a flashback in Sink or Swim. (Sink or Swim, strip 10)
  • First appeared himself loading the ship. (Sink or Swim, strip 25)
  • Got his name and identity among the Wolves. (Sink or Swim, strip 47)
  • He grew weary of living the nomadic lifestyle on the Independence, rarely seeing old friends and not getting the chance to make new ones. He decided to ask Cere to allow him to remain on Mars while they did a run to Cyantia, but she refused. (Sink or Swim, strip 74)
    • He would decide to go over her head and ask Kel if he could take a medical position at Mars Academy. (Sink or Swim, strip 220)
  • Has a fear of open risers due to his experiences in the Centralis-Teraplex war (he was stuck in one while reporting for a training shift at the Cale Medical Center when the main invasion force struck... power was cut from all non-essential units and he was stuck in it alone for the beginning of the war) (Sink or Swim, strip 171)