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During their 'time of the year' many Cyantian females emit a pheromone smell that's somewhat subtle. Most public places ARE formal where you don't go wandering around when you're in heat. Mainly because it's distracting and a BAD idea.

Having a 'time of the year' has its uses, one being no need for contraceptives. But they DO enjoy recreational sex as well outside of heat. They only give off a smell for a few days at a time to signal a good time to make babies. The big problem with it is that in some males, it triggers more primitive responses like irritation, anger, excessive aggression and on occasion rape, depending on what they think of the female. It also makes other females a bit more aggressive and irritated when one of them is in heat. If more than one's in heat... things get bad. Genoworks projects mainly react to other Genoworks projects, and they don't act as BAD. (The pheromones are species specific, and Cyantians will not respond to pheromones of other species, Cyantian or Terran.)

Most males don't have much experience with the scent because most females in season will not be going out into public when they're in season for obvious reasons. Scents are the things that will drive the male population wild, especially when it comes around to females in season... which only happens once or twice a year for most of the species. And while some might argue that it's sexist, the females usually take that week to two weeks off their duties and classes. If they didn't.. they would be way too much of a distraction. It's also just 'proper', not meant as any type of gender discrimination. It's also for their safety - while most of our Cyantians are nice, doesn't mean all of them are.

The Cyantians cycle in the spring and early fall. Those of the oceanic variety though, can do it at any time, usually dependent on the temperatures around them. Diggers cycle year round as well quarterly.

Considering Cyantian attitudes around "that time of the year," their view of Humans, with the women having to deal with it once every 28 days instead of a week once or twice a year, particularly after they found out there was a whole planet of them, tends to be amused. They snicker and laugh about it and tease them about how unfortunate they are, but they don't react to it, since well... the only time they'd pick up a scent, that time of the month has passed. Humans living among Cyantians do get a bit annoyed and self conscious about it, but are quick to point out that at least they don't drive their males into a frenzy to mate when they're walking freely around