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Short Biography


Tall (at least 6 feet), female, red fur and hair, blue eyes.
Sixth Year Technomage student, assistant for first year technomage students (in Campus Safari and Cesilee's Diary)
a fully converted acidwhip named Zero.


Cesilee, Ness


She was spied upon by Marcus after she had finished taking her bath, or shower, and was drying off. She somehow learned of this and teleported next to him to punch him. Eventually she would end up tutoring him in Technomagery.

After discovering Cesilee's obsession with Marcus by reading her diary, (Cesilee's Diary, strip 16) she decided to run an intervention for her by keeping her diary (although she thinks that at least he's better than Stephen) (Cesilee's Diary, strip 34) until got another Mounty to kiss her (counting on Cesilee's shyness to keep her from doing so for a year or five). (Cesilee's Diary, strip 35) Unfortunately, she would encounter Chance in her search for the kiss, much to Phoenix's dislike, (Cesilee's Diary, strip 38) especially when he tells Cesilee an embarrassing story from Phoenix's past. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 39)

She would later be brought Marcus and a misbehaving Galen, and would try teaching him how to train an aggressive gryphon chick - unfortunately he wasn't paying close attention. [1]

When Marcus arrives later for more training, she has to go and help him look for Galen who had escaped, (Campus Safari, strip 533) even grabbing a cryscorder to film him humiliating himself trying to capture her, (Campus Safari, strip 534) and ends up getting smoke-bombed from all of the glitter smoke bombs that were attached to her by Tae and Kea. Chance takes their picture and Phoenix goes off in hot pursuit of him. (Campus Safari, strip 543)


Known characteristics

  • Despite being Marcus' tutor, she has some prejudice against Humans (she finds them ugly (Cesilee's Diary, strip 35)).
  • Phoenix doesn't like the way humans look, because they bring back bad memories to her, but she IS friends with all the humans and doesn't have any ill will toward them in general.
  • Is constantly practicing her technomage abilities to perfect them (and to lift Technique Keys off the instructors). (Cesilee's Diary, strip 7)
  • Uncontrollably squeaks when she laughs. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 41)

Known traits and abilities

  • Being a sixth year technomage student with a fully-functioning familiar, makes her very strong in her studies. Especially since she can readily teleport.


  • Appeared first in Campus Safari being spied on by Marcus with binoculars, teleported and punched him for it. (Campus Safari, strip 195)

  • First appeared in the intro to the characters in Cesilee's Diary. It also commented that she had a bedroom to herself since she was oldest and had been there the longest. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 1)
  • Hates to be called 'Squeaker'... a nickname Chance loves to call her. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 38)
    • Acquired the nickname 'Squeaker' when she was playing around with a tiny rubber mouse in class trying to be funny and accidentally swallowed it. She was too embarrassed to get it removed immediately, and for the next week every time she said something it'd squeak. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 39)
  • Has developed an interest in finding a boyfriend, (Cesilee's Diary, strip 43) not a serious one, but one she can be seen with and spend time with, (Cesilee's Diary, strip 44) though sees few that spark her interest at this time. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 46)
  • She was not impressed with Marcus' ability to train Galen. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 47)
    • She thinks that tutoring Marcus, while part of her duties, may also be entertaining for her, and training them in her quarters might help fix Cesilee's obsession. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 49)
  • It seems that she might subconsciously keep the curtain open to be watched after taking a shower. Even getting upset with Ness who was about to suggest this as why she doesn't just close the curtains instead of getting mad about being spied on afterwards. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 106)
  • First appeared in No Angel instructing Zero to pelt Marcus with paper wads(?) during his placement exam. (No Angel, strip 39)