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Designer merchandise, Exotica Genoworks has a problem. The Fox government wants to use their facilities and technology to create monsters and genetically enhanced warriors for their armies. But the Genoworks employees don't want to give up anymore of their works of art. (Plus, there's a lot more money to be made in the private sector selling their living art pieces.) A plan is put into place to escape with their products and technology right out from under the noses of the overwhelming influences of the military. It comes down to three small skunk kits - and a cryogenically frozen warrior from another civilization.

Akaelae consists of three parts at the moment. The first section is a story entitled: Satin and Silke Prequel (although originally part of Satin and Silk). This was originally written and drawn to provide a background story for two characters, Chatin and Cilke and also to introduce Syrys Akaelae, Collin and Quinn. Chatin and Cilke were originally created as consumer goods by Exotica Genoworks. Collin and Quinn are genetically designed Siracs, a name given to psychically gifted raccoon species which were singled out to experiment with mental abilities. They were left behind to watch a cryogenically frozen wolf,... an enemy of the fox people, which was also intended to destroy the facility they were in, offering cover to the administration of EG, to remove themselves from the Fox government's hold on them to create more and more violent creations.

The story is being redone and expanded on in Genoworks Saga