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ERA (Extraterrestrial Research and Acquisition)

  • First seen in AD Day 21, strip 195
  • They were brought in when Melissa Reid and Victor Reid had to contact them for clearance in discussing Chel's interactions with aliens. (AD Day 21, strip 197)
  • She would suggest that Chel take two of their agents with her... her father Victor, and her friend Keith Ritter. (AD Day 21, strip 203)
  • She didn't like the hunting game the aliens were playing, but wanted more information before making a move, so she ordered tracking devices to be planted on any creature they had the opportunity to track. (AD Day 21, strip 208)
  • Vic would love to have gone to the island armed, but Primrose had been adamant that he not be armed and give them any reason to be hostile or suspicious. (AD Day 22, strip 22)
  • Unknown to Chel, she was recording everything she said. (AD Day 22, strip 24)
  • Does not trust Stealth with her hair-trigger temper. (AD Day 27, strip 16)