Pure Horses

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These are not shivae-like at all. They’re based very loosely on hadrosaurs and Pachycephalosaurs and come in MANY varieties. The common features are a prominent bony head and armored backs. They are fast, hardy animals with good stamina and agility. And … none have wings.

They appear bipedal saurian, with a hadrosaur crest as well as horns, with plates down their back, and fur going from their chin to the underbelly. [1]

When attempting to domesticate feral 'horses', they will often use a bit (sometimes removing two lower teeth to make it fit in the mouth). 'Horses' on this world do not have a gap between their teeth that so neatly fits a bit and this type of bit is considered cruel and not to be used. The bits of metal dig into the tongue and cause a lot of annoyance/pain.[2]

Domesticated horses tend to be easy to control with a little skill, if you know how to 'talk' with them. [3] It appears that feral ones however, talk back. [4]