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Short Biography



Akaelae, Quinn
Muerte (in Campus Safari)
Student (in Akaelae), Cov Ops (in Campus Safari)
A female raccoon of average height, perhaps 5'7", with very pale gray fur on her muzzle and down her front, shading to a light gray above her charcoal color split-mask over her shoulders and down her back and tapering off on her thighs. Her tail is banded with even stripes of charcoal alternating with the light gray to the pale tail tip. She has wavy medium brown headfur that's sometimes braided into dreadlocks or just left loose in a slightly punkish style and emerald green eyes. Almost absurdly thin considering the average appearance of a Terran Raccoon. She has cream colored hands as opposed to black.
130 lbs
(12 chronologically) 20 physically (in Campus Safari), (3 chronologically) 13 physically in (Akaelae)


Sheana, Darius, Celina, Kela, Cisco
Special Friends 
Brody, Silra, Mercial
Collin, Chatin(step), Cilke(step)


Young Quinn Akaelae.jpg

Quinn is the elder of the two Akaelae Siracs (by six months). Rescued by Syrys in the Prequel during the incident that destroyed Exotica Genoworks' main installation. She was adopted into the Akaelaes.

In Puppet Strings, she, Collin, Chatin, and Cilke head out into the wilderness on a camping trip and proceeds to cause all sorts of mischief (like bothering Collin with Mr Dew). But it would be during this time that she would foil Marion's attempts at stealing data crystals that were found.


Known characteristics

  • Mischievous and child-like (or is that childish?) is the best way to describe her. She's on perpetual hyper mode and always into something. She really has no concept of other people's property, and doesn't care if people take her things either. If offered money she didn't earn she'd probably take the money and go buy gifts for someone or try to help someone, but that's normal for her. She has no concept of money either... why should she? She's pretty much rich by being an Akaelae.
  • In Campus Safari, she is a spy and works under Silver. Her job is to make sure that nobody is doing anything that will harm anyone else in the Mars Academy. She does this by claiming to be a counselor. She means well and absolutely loves everybody and tries to get to know everyone. Quinn is the mother of good intentions gone awry, although most of the time she doesn't REALIZE that they didn't work.
    • She would later be chewed out by Celina for pretending to be a counselor and being too pushy. (Campus Safari, strip 421) This would depress her, (Campus Safari, strip 424) making her doubt wanting to be in Special Ops since no one trusts her or spends time with her - her friends are too busy, and the students are afraid of her. (Campus Safari, strip 425) Collin would have a talk with her on how to act so people would be more comfortable around her. (Campus Safari, strip 426, 427)
  • She loves mornings, and wakes up early.
  • Considers keeping track of the loners part of her job in Special Ops. (No Angel, strip 29)
  • By her own admission, she always smiles. (No Angel, strip 45)
  • She doesn't always understand when she takes things too far. (Akaelae, strip 116)
  • Does not like bees. (Darius, strip 200)

Known traits and abilities

  • Quinn's psionic skills include an advanced telepathic ability (though very short ranged), teleportation, dream walk, and other possible telekinetic abilities. It has often been hinted by Syke that Quinn is the most powerful Sirac. She has the ability to teleport to known locations, though her range is unknown (although it is not a true teleport, as she actually slips in and out of the dimension her 'friends' live in, but being near instantaneous, it functions as a teleport). Her telepathic abilities allow her to know the concept of another being's message if she does not speak a common language, and she is capable of Sirac Mindtalking. Unlike Collin, she embraces and explores her abilities.
    • When she teleports using her 'void', she can see into the normal world, and is not just traveling blind. [1]
  • Quinn so rarely just flies since she doesn't just fly, she also teleports and it's fast. She can fly at 300 mph (as an adult, probably only 150 during Akaelae), but speed is irrelevant when she can cross as far as she can see in the blink of an eye. Quinn can pass through objects at will, which kind of requires flight to avoid falling through things. BTW… Collin has the same abilities as Quinn, he just doesn’t show them off and actually resists using them. Quinn can pass into a secondary dimension, which Collin cannot. But he has a stronger dream walk than she does.
  • While she cannot actually read minds, she is able to receive projected thoughts. (No Angel, strip 46)
    • Since she can see what people are thinking, it doesn't matter if they don't speak a language she knows. (Akaelae, strip 118)
  • She also has advanced telekinetic ability that allows her to fly or hover around at will.
  • Her inter-dimensional friends are an alien race called Ouleys who are trapped in another dimension. Two of them are named Mercial and Silra. They have the upper hand in trivial knowledge, but don't know everything since they can't be everywhere at once, and prefer to be where the fun is. (Campus Safari, strip 219)
  • Not everything in the inter-dimensional void is friendly though... imagine the monsters in Quinn's closet... they were real.
  • Is good at sparring.
  • Apparently has the ability to keep Collin out of her dreams.
  • Quinn has a way with Gryphons.
  • It's very hard to keep a secret from her.


  • Just about everyone SHOULD know who Quinn is and that she's odd, but harmless. Most Psiracs do NOT show off like Quinn.
  • Quinn, aka Muerte, first appeared in the comic as a grungy-haired coon that bumps into "Clive". She did however show up earlier in a Halloween wallpaper in preceding year, which puzzled the readers.
  • Her first appearance in Puppet Strings was cheering a match between Collin and Chatin.
  • In the three years between Prequel and Puppet Strings, she matured to the same physical age as Sheana, though her accelerated aging was normalized since.

  • First appears in Genoworks Saga being dragged down a hallway with Collin by a fox who finds them useless. (Genoworks Saga, strip 38)
  • She helped Collin keep the voices away that overwhelmed him. (Genoworks Saga, strip 54)

  • Her first appearance in Akaelae was being over-excited about going to a new school (Akaelae, strip 21)
  • She lived on floor 87 of Akaelae Towers. (Akaelae, strip 237)
  • She knew about the Secrets living on the Secrets Floor there. (Akaelae, strip 238)
  • Though she had lost Mr Dew in Puppet Strings, she apparently held hope for him being returned to her someday. (Akaelae, strip 365)
  • Her Placement Test came back that she would be a good Forest Ranger. (Akaelae, strip 503)
  • She objects to being called a demon. (Akaelae, strip 583)
  • Cyclone is one of the few things that can rattle her (Akaelae, strip 653) once she found out he was one thing she CAN'T phase through. (Akaelae, strip 651)
  • Although she likes to get into trouble, when she's around she get's in the way before allowing anyone else to get hurt. (Akaelae, strip 690)

  • Her first appearance in Darius was meeting the injured Brody. (Darius, strip 99)

  • Her first appearance in Sink or Swim was when she approached Outback and let him know that all the times he saw her fall down in the past was for attention - maybe. (Sink or Swim, strip 73) She considers him a friend. (Sink or Swim, strip 74)

  • Her first appearance in Campus Safari was teleporting in on Twinky while they looked in on Collin in medical. (Campus Safari, strip 218) She would ambush him again in (Campus Safari, strip 396).

  • Her first appearance in Campus Safari 2.0 was entering Sheana's room when Intaglio tried to inform Sheana about Chatin and friends accidental teleport to Earth. (CS2, Chapter 5, strip 2)
  • Is not allowed in the Command Center, but goes there anyway since they can't lock her out. Doesn't see a problem sharing information she finds there not marked confidential. (CS2, Chapter 5, strip 8)

  • Her first appearance in No Angel was watching Sean until he woke up before doing her rounds. (No Angel, strip 28)
  • Claims to be a friend of Phoenix. (No Angel, strip 42)
  • She loves shopping. (Campus Safari, strip 419)
  • Her nickname is related to the fact that she can speak with 'dead' people, or rather, alien beings trapped on another plane of existence (and she found the name funny).
  • Her bra size is 36D (or 36C) [2]
  • Ryalto adores her.
  • Muerte prefers to see if a situation can work itself out before she gets involved. She won't stop anyone from doing anything stupid or against the rules unless someone's going to get hurt, so people can break rules around her and she won't care.
  • She once tried to advise Cesilee on how to attract Marcus's attention (with mixed success) using information she gleaned from watching The Bunny Channel.