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Short Biography


Rama tibal.jpg
Tibal, Rama
Wolf/Liger hybrid (Genetic Elite)


Shean Tibal (father), Aina Tibal (mother)
Raire Tibal (twin sister), Sheana Tibal (half-sister)
Vin Fanilt (son)


Born deformed, along with Raire, and had to go through extensive surgeries to correct this. (Akaelae, strip 260) They were temporarily abandoned by their father shortly after the suicide of their mother and they were both taken in by Alpha. (Akaelae, strip 262) Shean returned, but Rama was a changed Wolf. He never forgave his father for abandoning him and did not take well to his return. Rama wanted to be adopted into the Akaelae family. Shean's return, however, would not permit this. Thus, Rama ended up believing that the Akaelaes did not consider him good enough to be one of them. (Akaelae, strip 263)

For 226 rots afterwards he was troublesome, hot-headed, and argumentative, but still got along them. (Akaelae, strip 264) Then he fell in love with Sirene, daughter of Alpha, but was forbidden to have anything to do with her because he was a hybrid. The fear from Alpha, and Shean, was that such a union might produce more deformed cubs. Alpha, not wanting to see her heartbroken from this, sent Sirene away. (Akaelae, strip 265) Rama tracked her down and continued courting her until Syrys caught them and gave Rama a savage beating. This was to further Rama's downward spiral into his hatred toward the Akaelaes. A year after that incident, he left. Five years later, he returned and was responsible for the Elite War--A.K.A. Ridge Wars. (Akaelae, strip 266) It turns out that he had been living amongst the Fox for a time, "encouraging" the Red caste to rise up against the Elite Fox (White, Silver, and Black). The war would spill out into the Wolven lands and the Fox saw that the Wolves had better technology and weapons than their own and decided to get their hands on it. But when Rama saw that he was losing the war, he savagely turned on his own teammates and went AWOL on the Fox. This would, however, not save him from being banished to Earth for four hundred years.

Centralis War

In Akaelae, he has managed to return to Cyantia through a warp gate on Earth. Is planning to take over Centralis and wipe out the Akaelaes. Eventually causes the Centralis War, but loses. Zax Akaelae escapes from his control.

The US actually did some things first, mainly be accessing one of the Cyantia gates and giving weaponry to a certain wolf for his takeover of Centralis, in exchange for technology. Of course, Wolf took the guns and ran, never to be seen again and failed in that takeover. Then, the gate was shut by Alpha and his wolves in a process to cut off ALL accidental crossings before they were ready.

Mars Academy

In Campus Safari, he is hiding on the Mars Academy and currently plotting to spoil things once again for the Akaelaes, with his associates Zimae and Rezna, and after Rezna's death just Zimae. He has disguised himself as a priest, and keeps the hood of his robe up whenever he's out and about to prevent discovery. It is here in Campus Safari's storyline when it is known that Calle, a C-group skunk, is a servant to Rama. (Campus Safari, strip 258)

After Rezna's demise, he brings in a new contact, who just happens to be an Akaelae. (No Angel, strip 58)

  • Events were being set up in Campus Safari for Rama's arrival as a teacher... but never progressed beyond the initial stage.


Known characteristics

  • Often goes by the name Wolf.
  • Seems to be a sociopath, but more likely he is bitter and selfish wolf, who feels he has been denied what was his. He threw away his morals long ago, and cares not who he kills, as long as he gets what he wants - usually, revenge.
  • He is a murderer, a rapist, and the infamous wolf who ever lived.
  • Has retractable claws.
  • Over four hundred years old (by Akaelae, and possibly the same age as Syrys).
  • Is NOT an atheist.
  • One of his resentments was Syrys having long uncut hair while his was always short as punishment for one misdeed or another. He felt Syrys got special treatment because Alpha didn't want to embarrass himself with a son with short hair.
  • Although not mentioned in the strips, he's looking for immortality.

Interesting Facts

  • Even when shown as a child, Rama is never smiling.
  • As an adult, he is often shown bleeding or with his ever present cape dripping some unfortunate's (for them) blood. Disturbing.
  • It is believed that he is responsible for humanity's belief in werewolves (and is it possible that he indirectly contributed to the Industrial Revolution somehow?).
  • Has fought Syrys seriously twice, and lost both times. Once, when Syrys finds him with Sirene, and once when Rama tries to silence him so he could not reveal his plot. See Danie


  • First appearance in Akaelae was asking Filaire what she had when she helped Darrik to his feet. (Akaelae, strip 71) He would tell her to bring him with them, for a black fox could be useful. (Akaelae, strip 72)
  • Spent a long time tracking Vin down, though doesn't reveal his presence to him once he finds him. (Akaelae, strip 95)
  • Had plans for making him his heir since his other four children (unknown to Vin) that he had tracked down were a disappointment. Three of them had not inherited his abilities, so were useless. The fourth was a small female - much smaller than she should have been. Rama passed over her. She was too fragile to do anything with and her feline genes were more apparent. There was also a sense of timidity with her that reminded him too much of his sister. He didn't want her around and had just left her.
  • Watched as Oran beat Vin, displeased that anyone should treat his flesh and blood that way, but didn't interfere during the beating for the sake of timing. (Akaelae, strip 140)
  • Tracked down Noira and Oran afterwards (Akaelae, strip 143) and killed them for mistreating his son. (Akaelae, strip 146)
  • He had many illegitimate children, and eventually stole all of them except for Vin. (Akaelae, strip 251)

  • His first appearance in Darius was listening to Filaire report to him about the cubs he had ordered her to follow, (Darius, strip 1) and was prepared to initiate his secondary plan to acquire them. (Darius, strip 2)
  • When it what discovered Rama was taking the kidnapped cubs into the Ruins, Alpha Akaelae's first thought was that Rama was doing it again. (Darius, strip 163) The start of the last great war had been reduced to a sentence in the history books with no mention of how Rama had swayed an entire generation. (Darius, strip 164)
  • In his attempt to sway Vin to his side, he sent Melody and Kerie to be his companions. (Darius, strip 191) After Vin left, he ordered Filaire to check on them later... if the rabbit wasn't satisfactory, he wanted ribs for dinner the following day. (Darius, strip 194) Even when pointed out that eating sentients is generally not approved of, his only comment is they taste very good, especially when young and plump. (Darius, strip 195)
  • Tells Filaire that they are nothing but animals who walk upright and speak, and should embrace it rather than restrict themselves. He also tells her he expects her to visit him that night, though she refuses. (Darius, strip 196)
  • In preparation for Syrys' troops invading his camp to retrieve the cubs, he left a bomb large enough to blow up the entire camp (with a Red John Smilie Face. (Darius, strip 253)
    • Rama was actually getting rid of weak and less than ideal workers in this mission. He has far more capable ones in his home. Filaire was supposed to be with him, but she denied him and thus, he halfway wants her to die.
  • Claims he knew Vin was escaping the moment he left. (Darius, strip 257) (Possibly due to Camden)
  • He is not happy about Vin standing up to him. (Darius, strip 265)

  • His first appearance in Campus Safari was watching the Academy orientation in disguise (Campus Safari, strip 179) and having Zimae report to him that the Dreamwalker was under their control. He would order that he be used against an Elite. (Campus Safari, strip 180)
  • He would begin to question Rezna's motivations and mental stability, and would have moved to arrange his 'dismissal' if it weren't for the fact his actions were leading to it already. (Campus Safari, strip 257)

  • First appeared in Campus Safari 2.0 in Mars Academy dyed solid black and receiving scent inhibitors from Calle. (CS2, Chapter 6, strip 8)
    • Suggestions they may have a more... personal relationship, as he snuggles against her commenting he doesn't mind smelling like her, and she seems happy at the idea. (CS2, Chapter 6, strip 9)

  • First appearance in No Angel was bathing and listening to reports on Rezna's death. (No Angel, strip 58)