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Short Biography


Rashile Waver.jpg
Aquatic Shivae
Aquamarine with sea green fins, bright green eyes, golden yellow stripes along her back


  • First seen in Akaelae in silhouette under the water investigating all the cubs hopping around above the 'Pool of Lights'. (Akaelae, strip 709)
  • First seen in full pulling Bieley out of the water. (Akaelae, strip 715) She's actually friendly. (Akaelae, strip 716)
  • Grabbed Tira and helped her escape the collapsing cavern. (Akaelae, strip 721)

  • First seen in Vas swimming up to a fishing Vas and Taun. (Vas strip 393)
  • She would offer to catch dinner for them, and comment that she was staying in the Sanctum until the weather was warm enough for her to travel again. (Vas strip 395)

  • Cameo character, also a ShivaeRPG character

ShivaeRPG character

Aquatic Shivae
Mostly aquamarine that shifts to sea green in her fins, bright green eyes accentuated with gold streaks like ripples on waves along her head that fade as they progress down her spine
Rashile was born to a loose-knit clan of coastal Aquatic Shivae. She never knew for certain exactly how big her clan was as wanderlust tended to hit early and often, only to return when travel lost interest. She loved her home in the shallow caves near the coastline, but soon found herself feeling the urge to travel herself. Sure, helping raise chicks was fun, as her seashell collection was one to be envied, but the stories others brought of the excitement of the deep sea, or the exotic creatures to be found far upstream proved more tempting as time went on. Besides, it wasn't as if any of the potential mates that came by proved all that impressive - she was sure she could do better if she went out and searched herself.

After a bit of traveling, she heard rumors of a particularly nearby flood, which sounded like a 'must see' event for her, and headed up river

Very curious. Tends to be overly friendly, even to those not of her species. Loves a good story, and will quite often press for others to tell one - though does not object to telling one herself in exchange. She has a 'go with the flow' type of attitude, adapting to whatever adventure comes her way, though she has a strong distaste for talkers trying to cause serious harm to each other without reason. Has a crocodile-like hunting strategy.
One special ability that your character excels at
expert swimmer, even for her kind; very good at catching fish
One Flaw of equal opposition to the special ability
overly curious; poor at hunting on land