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Relays are mechanical devices that allow for a form of telepathy. Some races have the ability naturally and do not need them. All ADC players have them as the ADC uses them to monitor its players.

It works something like a virtual internet in your head, once you learn how to access the relay's controls, and can even summon up a manual to go through that tells even more details on the uses of the relay and various commands. It was remarkably simple to use. (AD Day 17, strip 28)

The relay accesses only the area of the brain that held thoughts on another level, separate from normal communication, and the only way to access the area was through a receptor chip. The receptor chips act as relay points across a subspace channel, much like a modem in a computer would serve to access the internet, only far more effective. The only problem is, unlike modems and computers, the link can not be severed from the main communication pipe. (AD, Day 5, strip 1) The link it creates gets stronger the more it's used, and the closer the two are distance wise. (Alien Dice, Day 4, strip 27)

Relays are open however, and anyone with a relay who is close enough to another with a relay can do horrible things... especially to one who doesn't know about the relay. (AD Day 16, strip 14)

If an implanted relay is going to cause harm, it's in the first 48 hours while laying down threads in the brain. (AD Day 17, strip 39) For this reason medics are usually on hand during the implantation, and once implanted, it can never be removed. (AD, Day 5, strip 1)

There are VERY different levels of access. You can skim, which is just reading projected thoughts/ surface thoughts and emotions. (You need to learn to watch for strangers skimming your thoughts, but once you notice it, you can block them immediately.) (AD Day 17, strip 28) A level higher is where they talk casually, non intrusively, a level higher than that is poking through unguarded thoughts, a level higher is actually invading a dream and manipulating it,... a level higher is interacting in the dream on an emotional level, then a level higher, touching deeper emotions that are guarded and so on.

It takes time to develop a full lock, but even then you have the ability to sever the connection. However, once you issue the sever command, it can never be reestablished. (AD Day 17, strip 28)

It is possible to interact with someone's dreams using the relay, but there is risk involved. If you meddle too long, especially on too personal a level, you can get sucked in and trapped. If they manage to pull you into their own mind, you won't be able to break the connection until they're ready to let you out. (AD Day 11, strip 91) It is likewise possible to share dreams over the relay, but it is very rare (AD Day 16, strip 18) - it only occurs when relays are closely synced and running on the same wavelength, and there's a strong level of trust. (AD Day 17, strip 32)

Not everyone was capable of creating complex internal relay worlds, even with years of experience. For a first relay world, most of the time the shapes were vague and even the self image was a little burred. Even with time, most people only concentrated enough to build simple forests and fields. They were more focused on other people in their relay than their backgrounds unless it was needed for a game and then, it was still rare to see a high level of detail. (AD Day 26, strip 99)

  • It's especially important for those with a wild imagination to access the manual to know the dangers of reaching too far. (AD Day 26, strip 101) The manual includes rules and safety protocols that help keep people from invading your mind when you join the larger network, as well as the dangers within ones own mind. (AD Day 26, strip 102)
  • One has to know their limits. If one is not concentrating on their mental creations, they run on subconscious information. They use everything you ever read, saw or imagined to 'think' and act on their own. One can get trapped in their own mind and suffer physical injuries. (AD Day 26, strip 109)
    • There are fail-safes where you won't actually die, but will spend a few hours asleep instead. (AD Day 26, strip 110)
  • In the relay, nobody treated the creations of their mind as though they were actual, living and breathing creatures. Normally, one didn't create creatures so complex that they could think on their own like Daeny. This creature would have established memories and exist in Keith's mind even after it left and Zaile wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. (AD Day 26, strip 108)

There are Priority Relays. Receiving one is like a shooting light hitting your relay, exploding in a shower of starlight, accompanied by a mechanical voice alerting of Incoming Priority Relay, until one enters ones relay to see it. Once inside there's a strobe of light for each level of security. (AD Day 27, strip 46)

Does have one

Does not have one

Does not need one (natural ability)

  • Damian (all Sairah have the natural ability, although some use devices to enhance it, Damian's ability is strong)
  • Maenae

There is also a Central Relay out there which carries a lot of updates and news (along with rumors). (AD Day 14, strip 28)