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Short Biography


Appeared in 
Campus Safari, No Angel


Rama, Zimae


He was intensely racist towards Humans, believing them to be inferior and getting the positions that he felt he was entitled to (strangely, he did not direct any slurs toward them, as Alex would mention to him in No Angel). He ended up at the Mars Academy working with Rama and Zimae (who would eventually have a memory block put on him in regards to Rama's presence and their plans) (Campus Safari, strip 258), where he was eager to see the demise of all the Humans there.

Eventually though he grew increasingly unstable and tried to carry out his murderous attempt on all of the Humans at the Academy, starting with Sean and Stephen. It would be there that he would confess to Alexandria that he was responsible for the death of her parents and the attempt on her life. (No Angel, strip 56) This resulted in Alex sic'ing the acid whips, Sapphire and Azure on him; thus bringing Rezna to a violent end. (No Angel, strip 58) And with him, any information that he might have possessed concerning Rama.


  • First appeared in Campus Safari when Zimae was reporting to Rama that the Dreamwalker was under their control, and voicing his desires that the humans be their first targets. (Campus Safari, strip 180)
    • Rama would eventually consider his attitudes and mental instability a liability, and would have arranged his 'dismissal' if he hadn't already been putting himself on that path. (Campus Safari, strip 257)

  • First appeared in No Angel attacking Stephen and Sean with intent to kill them and the girls next door. (No Angel, strip 52)
  • His attack came as a surprise as he had never directed so much as a slur towards the humans before his attack. Seems to know Alex as Alexandera. (No Angel, strip 55)