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Riley Lanier
January 21
Primary Dice 
Other Known Dice 
Armor, Lace, Glacier, Aurora, Kinral, Caillem, another Dice
Trasik, Domic, Biste, Mauki, Fily, Tairil, + one more brother
Soul Brother 
Shira Lexx
Father, Mother

Riley, one of Trasik's younger brothers, the baby of the family and the only solo birth. Despite his family bonds, he's not into trying to fight Lexx. In fact, he is Lexx's best friend and confidant, as well as his Soul Brother (despite the fact that when he was 3 Lexx's family left Litta and he didn't see him again until he was put into play). They have a strong relationship and Riley is essentially, the only one who has kept Lexx within grasp of his sanity. He's often around, more as a mental coach at the moment to get Lexx to see the things he might be passing by. His parents do not approve of his current relationship with Lexx.

Riley's a very nice Littan, and he belongs to an order that does not believe in feeding on sentients at all, for any reason, due to the scarring and the fact that when they feed, they also infect, even their own kind, with chemicals that alter their moods and make them more susceptible to suggestion, therefore, making any relationship impure if taken on in such a way.

He has been bonded/coded to be able to personally fight Master Dice, (AD Day 11, strip 56) although he won't level up or revert. He sometimes has so much fun he gets carried away in battle. (AD Day 11, strip 57)

He prefers the memories of a battle well fought to capturing any Master Dice. (AD Day 11, strip 50)

Riley is a very compassionate individual but enjoys toying with people and seeing what he can get them to do on his playful side, although his meddling often does not turn out well. While he cannot make someone do something, he can make them forget why they don't want to do something. His more serious side is not to be meddled with and he is a formidable Littan who can more than hold his own against anyone.

He is convinced that Chel and Lexx are soul-mates - that person you connect with unlike any other. Time means nothing. Distance, appearance,.. it hits you and won't leave you alone. (AD Day 10, strip 22)

His full motives are unknown.

He has been trained more in combat than Lexx, at least in mental combat, which combined with Lexx's lack of interest to go all out against him usually means he wins any tussles they have over the relay. [1]

He currently has 5 dice. His primary and favorite is a bird called Crescent.

  • Riley's Dice rarely left his floor of the Great House. They all enjoyed an overly lavish existence as pampered pets in Trasik's eyes, pets that he didn’t even bother to show. (AD Day 24, strip 10)

He rarely dislikes anyone, but Cinka is one he makes an exception to dislike, (AD Day 9, strip 27) especially since she keeps trying to get him to sleep with her. (AD Day 9, strip 29)

  • He does NOT like Cinka, and wishes Zaile would be rid of her. (AD Day 9, strip 29)

He pulled some strings to arrange for Lexx to receive a Premium Visitation from Kane. (AD Day 10, strip 28)

Knowing that Trasik would require all her brothers to fight Lexx, he did challenge him, but considered it more a friendly spar that Lexx would win rather than a serious fight so his sister couldn't claim he didn't fight. (AD Day 11, strip 46)

Tasting blood is one of the few things he'd never do. [2]

He is currently employed by Zaile and is in love with Maelinn, (AD Day 9, strip 27)(AD Day 11, strip 67) despite his initial beliefs that they could never have children, nor could he even kiss her without risking taking her free will (AD Day 9, strip 32) - a relationship Zaile doesn't approve of. He kept his relationship so private even Lexx didn't know of her until Riley brought her over for a visit. (AD Day 11, strip 66) Zaile would later fire him over it, and the fact they were hiding it. (AD Day 18, strip 10) He retreated to Lexx's Island until his own ship arrived to pick him up in a few days. (AD Day 18, strip 13)

Part of Zaile's attempts to keep Riley away from Maelinn involved buying and assigning Lisaan to him... which he strongly disapproved of, (AD Day 18, strip 6) and angrily took out on Lisaan. (AD Day 18, strip 7) Zaile would then transfer ownership of Lisaan to Riley whether he wanted her or not. (AD Day 18, strip 12) He didn't want her, and had tried to leave her on the Sriven, or pass her along to someone else, but they kept bringing her back to him. (AD Day 18, strip 13)

When he went out drinking, he ran into Victor Reid. (Victor had decided to approach him since he had been sighted at the same bar every evening for two weeks in a suburb of New York, and was chatty with the other patrons. (AD Day 15, strip 17)) Although suspicious of him, he agreed to talk only because Victor apparently knew he wasn't human. (AD Day 18, strip 67) When he found out his name, he realized this was Chel's father. He tells him they are just there to play a game, and are not using humans in the game. (AD Day 18, strip 69) When confronted about a blood sample they have that's human, he told him that it was a long story, but the sample they had was genetically human, but not from Earth, and in fact his blood would have similarities. He refused to allow Victor to take a sample of his blood though, and told him they would all be gone in about 30 days. (AD Day 18, strip 70) When Victor complained about them only playing games on their world, and not making official contact, Riley responded it was a good thing. (AD Day 18, strip 71) Victor disagreed, and slapped a handcuff on him. (AD Day 18, strip 72)

When they were outside, Victor mentioned wanting to run a few small tests on Riley, and then letting him go unharmed. Riley didn't believe him, broke the handcuffs, then mentioned he knew that his kids were Andrea, Chel, and Kalvin, living 300 miles away - he knew where. Victor took it as a threat. (AD Day 18, strip 74) As Riley ran away, he got shot by someone, (AD Day 18, strip 75) then tackled by Victor as he went through a Door to Damian's ship, (AD Day 18, strip 76) and ended up leaving his favorite coat behind. (AD Day 18, strip 77)

Riley possesses several coats of nearly identical design so they are easily replaced when ripped or torn without having unsightly mending present.

While later recovering on Lexx's Island, Zaile called him, needing his help in getting rid of Kane who was threatening to tell Lexx about him and his youngest sister - and willing to let the Maelinn situation slide as long as he doesn't hurt her. (AD Day 18, strip 125) This shocked him, because he never considered Kane turning against her family. (AD Day 18, strip 126)

Once aboard Zaile's ship, he set out to trap Kane. Riley had found it an easy matter to set up a scheme to fool Kane. It was time consuming to mock up every single reference to Shira Kane and all her aliases as not found. He also programmed her ship's engines to shut off in orbit, and took the liberty of tipping off several interceptors - and noting the various bounties they can collect. (Even as a group they'd each get a sizable bounty.) (AD Day 19, strip 46) Zaile fully reinstated him in return. (AD Day 19, strip 47)

Afterwards Maelinn confronted Zaile, saying she would be moving to Riley's ship, (AD Day 19, strip 56) then kissed Riley full on the lips (AD Day 19, strip 59) to prove she was immune to the Littan 'kiss'. (AD Day 19, strip 60) Later on his ship they were making plans for their future - Riley was thinking of having a very grand traditional Litanae ceremony. (AD Day 19, strip 76)

When he later met Mauki, Mauki stated that Riley had better be glad their father has no idea what he's doing, having told Riley to stay out of the situation with Lexx. Riley claimed his father wanted to pretend Lexx no longer exists, and would have contacted him if he wasn't too busy to see what he was doing - his father didn't care. Mauki also mentioned that their mother knew what he was doing, but she hasn't said anything to Riley because she wouldn't get in the way. (AD Day 20, strip 24)

After they spent some time on Lexx's Island, Damian became interested in Lisaan's welfare, and asked Riley to let him assume responsibility for her - he refused. (AD Day 20, strip 70) He it simply Damian repeating his past womanizing, and considered sending her back where she came from better than turning her over to him (not knowing of her circumstances). (AD Day 20, strip 71)

  • He would later decide to give her to Lexx to do cooking and cleaning on the ship Damian was giving him. (AD Day 21, strip 144) Chel would get upset because he's not giving her a choice, but since she's in the servant trade he saw it as an option to sending her back. (AD Day 21, strip 145)

He was shocked when he saw the Mimic that had attacked Chel disguised as Kane, since he was the only one on the island who knew that Kane was in custody at the time. (AD Day 20, strip 84)

His father chewed him out for making duplicates of his contact books, and 'harassing' his friends and business partners as well as helping Lexx out. (AD Day 21, strip 32) He ordered him to stop working for Zaile and leave Earth. (AD Day 21, strip 33) Riley countered with 'someone has to help Lexx' - he countered with 'not you', (AD Day 21, strip 34) finishing with telling Riley to stop meddling. (AD Day 21, strip 35) Although he didn't want to disappoint his father, he was determined to help Lexx and see it through to the end. (AD Day 21, strip 36)


  • Has a fondness for beer, which is common on Earth but rare in space. He finds it nourishing rather than intoxicating. (AD Day 18, strip 65)
  • Riley pays for his drinks at the bar by engaging in drinking contests and winning due to his race's tolerance for alcohol. Besides that, he has given the bar owner two rare gems which the owner took in agreement to his drinking all the beer he wants for a month. He never tipped, and drank a lot - 7 mugs and 6 shots in an hour without getting drunk. (AD Day 18, strip 66)
  • Zeta likes him because he gives lots of treats and belly rubs. (AD Day 6, strip 40)
  • Made a bad first impression on Chel when he threatened her (though he wasn't serious about it) to keep her from rushing into the arena crowd and getting lost or injured. (AD Day 6, strip 41)
  • Riley noticed Chel had a Relay in AD Day 6, strip 42.
  • He does not take his friendships lightly.
  • He noticed when Lexx gained an audio earring immediately. (AD Day 11, strip 46)
  • After battling Lexx and losing, he gave Lexx a Crid Disk with 500,000 crids. (AD Day 11, strip 58)
  • He really loves kids and making them laugh. (AD Day 11, strip 73)
  • He had been looking for Lexx for a long time before he found him again. He didn't know where Lexx had gone - the ADC had already claimed guardianship of him, and Riley's parents wouldn't tell him that's where he was. (AD Day 11, strip 69) They had felt it best not to tell him because they could do nothing about it. They had tried, but run into wall after wall, because once a child has been signed over to the ADC as their guardian, the only way they could be released is if the ADC signed them over, and that never occurred. Later when the ADC were showing off their starting players, Riley spotted Lexx and made it his goal to get him out. (AD Day 11, strip 70)
  • He was furious when Lexx used the relay to enter Chel's dreams, (AD Day 11, strip 85) considering it mentally violating her to take advantage of her dream state - especially since she didn't know about the relay. (AD Day 11, strip 91)
  • Part of his job includes taking shifts to watch Lexx... and Trasik. (AD Day 16, strip 19)
  • He's not a liar, but he just doesn’t tell anyone anything more than he thinks they should know. (AD Day 21, strip 151)
  • His Dice have not been trained to fight sentient fighters. His best Dice were Dice he had taken care of and personally trained since he was a child. They trusted him and fought for him because they enjoyed it and wanted to please Riley. He had never used them in a serious manner and rarely did they fight to a point of being knocked back into a dice. (AD Day 22, strip 207)
  • When the Gauntlet was issued against Lexx, he didn't register for it, but ended up on the list due to arrangements his father had made. (AD Day 26, strip 28) Riley's meddling was to stop so they could use the Gauntlet as Lexx's escape route, at which point the Lanier family would sever all ties to the game. (AD Day 26, strip 29)
  • First Appeared passing by in AD Day 6, strip 28
  • "You are a meddler." - AD Day 10, strip 23
  • Calls Chel Deformed in AD Day 11, strip 58