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Dan Canaan aka Flinthoof aka Flinters

Although not part of the official Cyantian timeline, after the Roomies/ Campus Safari crossover that originally appeared in Academy Diaries, many Cyantian characters have made appearances in the Roomies strip - much to the amusement of many Cyantian fans, as well as inspiring a few other one page comics.

This is a comedic strip centering around Finthoof - the mint obsessed pony and his friends, including a green tiger obsessed with ancient computers, a toast obsessed wolf, a ferret determined to take over the world, and a couple of promiscuous bhunnies.


RM and Darius.jpg
  • Start
  • Borg
  • Foxy
  • Ferrets in the Internet
  • Mayhem Begins Plans to Take Over The World
  • Introducing Rhonda
  • Introducing RM
  • Bugs Taking Over the Coon
  • The Magnesium V
    • Venom and Thumper
  • Introducing Alex
  • Borg II
  • Tibo Orders a Few Computer Parts...
  • RM Takes Tibo and Flinthoof to the Strip Club
  • Virus' Date with Alex
  • Anthrofur
  • Flinthoof Cooks... and Its Effects on Mayhem
  • Introducing Corey
  • Roomies on Strike
    • Cyantian Back-up Crew
    • Guest Strips by SK roo - Flinthoof and Shelly in an Elevator
      • Rhonda Goes to the Academy for the crossover
  • Eating the Toy At the Bottom of the Box
    • S.S. Atropos
    • Eye of Amway
    • Back Home
    • Rhonda Returns from Mars Academy
  • Introducing Dave
  • Bag a Buck
  • Corey's Date
  • Return to Mars Academy
    • Time Travel Arc Intermixed
    • RM's Death
    • And Recovery with Quinn
  • New Neighbors - Meet Jenny
    • Bob - Demon of Impotence
  • Rhonda's Brother Jake
  • Job Loss
  • Fragfest
  • RM's Capture
    • Big Dook
    • Alex in Fairy Tale Land
  • Rhonda's Coffee Addiction
  • Rabbit Hunt
    • Flinters verses Flinthoof
    • Tibo the Bunny
    • Quinn flashback
    • Chatin flashback
    • Darius Loses a Bet
  • Rhonda and RM Discuss Khaelis' Firing
  • Booth Babes
  • Flinthoof's New Girlfriend
    • Moving a Storage Shed
  • Codrus on the Run
    • Agents Sandy and Muller on the Trail
    • Sandy Confronts RM
  • Meet the Parents
  • Death of a Toaster
    • Death By Toaster
    • Humanicon
    • RM's Going to Find Out
    • Bucketheads
    • Zombie Toast
  • RM's Little Side Project
  • Corey's New Job
    • And She Finds Out Where It Is
  • Toastmasters
  • RM Finds Codrus
  • Death of Codrus
    • RM Informs Darius of Codrus' 'Death'
    • Zombie Codrus Gets a Job
  • Shandower Moves
  • Humie Con
    • Con Crud
    • Flinthoof Remembers He has a Girlfriend
  • Alex's Instincts
  • Chaos Gets Out Again
  • Alex Embraces Her Canid Side
  • Shopping At Ikania
  • Flinthoof the Angsty Artist
  • Pimp My Cow
  • Bowling
  • The Fox Locate Codrus
  • RM and Codrus Plan Their Escape
    • RM Calls Darius About Coming To Mars
    • Shandower Knows About Mars
  • Camping
  • Syke has also given him permission to play with Venus, as her strips mostly center around Mars, but so far he has made only a single strip set there.