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Short Biography


Fidael, Rutilus (Ruti)
Red Fox
Short fox kit, about 3'8", with red fur with white belly undertones in a traditional pattern and a short black cropping of hair on top. All four paws, as well as the tips of his ears and tail, are black as well. He has brown eyes.


Taisha Fidael
Noiya Fidael
Rokfriez the mini-whip, Double-Q the Martian platypus


  • One of the characters introduced as part of a character inclusion auction.
  • First appeared in Campus Safari having been just dropped off by Nene. (Campus Safari, strip 575) She told him they were playing a game of kitsitter tag when she dumped him on Chatin. (Campus Safari, strip 576)
  • A bit hyperactive.


Has a near obsessive liking for various fictional detective and spy characters such as:

  • Jana Bovine, a spy cow, and Ruti's favorite spy character
  • Umbra Mens, a sirac spy.
  • Hrr'ki Jussio, a Mounty Detective
  • Ad'Iglen Visindi, a Wolf detective. Also his favorite detective.
  • Dook McGee, Ferret spy who Ruti enjoys dressing up as.

Was once kitsat by Chatin due to a won character inclusion auction.

  • Exclaims 'Shiny!' when he sees something that catches his interest.
  • Likes Intaglio (Campus Safari, strip 593)
  • He likes the smell of strawberries. (Campus Safari, strip 595)
  • He likes high-tech gadgets, especially spy-type gadgets. Unknown to him, his nifty spy-watch actually tracks his location on campus.
  • He has a fondness for Chatin after she babysat him, primarily because of her ability to work with gadgets, and the fact she saved his life in the Martian wilds.
  • He is a fan of Darius when he was a grav-ball player. (Campus Safari, strip 605)
  • During the babysitting, he accidentally activated one of Chatin's matter-transporters, sending them to the wilds of Mars. (Campus Safari, strip 607)
  • While out in the Martian wilds with Chatin, he picked up a Martian duck/platypus. (Campus Safari,strip 612)(Campus Safari, strip 650) After his parents discovered the "duck", she was brought to the biology lab for testing, and found to be safe. For now, she remains Ruti's pet, since the creature had become attached to Ruti, like a child to its mother. She still undergoes periodic observations. Ruti named her after the gadget inventor from the campy Jana Bovine spy series, not realizing at the time she was female. Her diet is largely lithovoric, or mineral based, and she has been known to eat electronics. Double-Q has become accustomed to campus life, especially the Fidael family. Rokfriez and Double-Q often play together. Double-Q will eventually be returned to the wild, but for now, a lot of details about Martian platypuses are not known.
  • Was anxious to go home after being nearly eaten by Martian armadillo-dogs. (Campus Safari, strip 619)

  • Property of Shippou-chan/ Jason Waldron

MARPG Profile

Full Name 
Rutilus Fidael, often called Ruti for short
Red Fox
Civilian, Child
Staffer's Son, NOT a student proper of MA.

Quote: "Wow! How does THIS work?"
Quote: "'Tis very simple, Rokfriez!" (to his pet mini-whip)
Quote: "No ribbons! I don't wanna look like a girl!"
Quote: "That's how Jana Bovine did it!" (Note: Jana Bovine is the name of a fictional cow spy, more later)

How much experience do you have with role-playing? How much time have you spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.? Little actual experience, have been exposed a little to it, though.

What is your character's personality? Very outgoing, mischievious, and curious. Ruti has a lot of energy and imagination, and likes to ask a lot of questions and find a lot of answers. He is only occasionally prone to pranks, and limits his targets to those he knows personally. He has a slight tendency to speak before thinking as well.

What things does he like? He is obsessed with spies and detectives and highly interested in the related areas of technology and technomagery. He has also has been known to take pictures and wear disguises as a part of his playing out the conjurings of his mind. On a minor but potentially important note, he likes the taste and smell of fruit.

Dislike? The two main things Ruti dislikes is boredom and romancy stuff. This dislike of boredom makes some classes problematic, especially classes like grammar and math (although he does OK in them). His dislike of romance colors how he deals with females, although he doesn't mind them unless they start with things he considers to be "girly".

What are the strong points of your character? Ruti has a strong imagination, good intelligence, and owing to his youth and fox genes is highly agile and stealthy. (He has no special abilities, he's just very quiet when he wants to be.) (Note here: His outgoing personality is the counterbalance to his stealth. He doesn't sneak unless he has a reason to want to do so.)

He has a strong fascination with history and some sciences.

Weak points? Ruti lacks the maturity of an adult Cyantian, and a combination of impetuousness and impatience often land him in trouble. He is also naive about dangers and the motives of others, since he lacks in actual experience. He is lacking in physical strength.

Name one thing your character would never do and why. Ruti would never pass up an adventure or mystery. His curiousity will not allow it. He also will not allow himself to be kissed or cuddled if he can help it. Also, Ruti will not strike out at an adult, due to motherly conditioning.

How does he interact with others? Ruti likes to talk with anyone with common interests, which includes any adults in the area. He will ask questions of them, answer questions they may ask him. He may ask what others are up to even if they have few common interests, and may add his own point of view of things at times, making reference of the spy/detective fiction he likes so much.

He would tend to hang around engineering and technomage students in order to learn what he can early on, and such students may offer demonstrations of their achievements and small knick-knacks, including minor prankish things which are discouraged on the campus. It depends on the individual in question.

Some of the more mischievious students may use Ruti for some of their plots, giving him small spy-like assignments as a part of a larger plot. In fact, such favors may be the cost for acquiring the various knick-knacks, or they may charge a small fee for them.

He has the unfortunate habit of snooping into other's things, although being an honest sort, he will not steal anything belonging to someone else, but will place it back in its place after his curiousity is satisfied.

Some other notes: He speaks Khaasi in the home, but Cyanzian (Latin) outside of the home. Khaasi tends to be used by his mother to chastise him. He will not strike back at an adult, since he has been conditioned to be submissive by his mother.

What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at? Ruti can move about quietly, and has some minor ability at photography and crafting (including props and disguises). He also takes very good care of his mini-whip, Rokfriez (named after the assistant of the highly logical Ad'Iglen Visindi) whom he managed to tame from birth after being given him as a pet by his father. Rokfriez is a somewhat lazy pet most of the time.

Tools of the trade (including weapons) Ruti possesss the following items. A simple multitool without a sharp blade, a good dataplate which he uses for school and for play, a good digicorder, a small listening device and remote earpiece, perhaps a fairly cheap motion detection device, a secret cache of things like furdye bombs and such received from unknown sources (technomage and engineering students being the primary suspects), and any number of props and pieces of disguises. Many of the costume pieces/props are commercial items.

He has a small whistle he uses to call his mini-whip to him.

He wears a bracelet which has the equivalent of a GPS transceiver in it. It is used by the parents to track Ruti down when needed, and usually sits idle otherwise. Ruti dies not suspect anything about it. The device is self-sustaining energy-wise, and would have enough "features" (digital encoder, etc) that it is a normal part of Ruti's attire by his own choice.

Give an example description of your character. Ruti Fidael is a short fox kit, about 3'8", with red fur with white belly undertones in a traditional pattern and a short black cropping of hair on top. All four paws, as well as the tips of his ears and tail, are black as well. He has brown eyes. His usual dress is casual. I don't know if the school he goes to has a uniform, but if it does, he'll grudgingly wear it to and from and change into something more casual afterwards.

Why is it essential to your character to be here in the Mars Academy? He is here because his father works as a Lab Technician, and lives on campus. His mother has no official position but has been known to help organize events on campus and in the community.

What are their qualifications? The father, Taisha Fidael, has a passing knowledge of the sciences, as well as the technical skills needed to provide support in keeping the lab facilities up to date and running well. His work ethic and attention to detail is impeccable.

What traits do they have that are useful to the future colony? The father is intelligent, and a hard and honest worker. His attention to detail and safety are above reproach. The mother is a natural organizer, and very content to remain humbly behind the scenes while making sure local events run smoothly.

What are their goals in being here? Ruti's goal is to find the next adventure, although he does wish to attend Mars Academy as a technomage student one day, and has interest in the field of covert ops. He dreams of one day figuring out how to shift physical appearance at will using technomagery.

Taisha's primary goals are to raise his son to be a model citizen and productive member of society, and his short term goal as an employee is to keep the labs in the best condition possible. He hopes one day to serve as a researcher or professor.

What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of his/her species? Ruti may have some slight prejudice against Fox due to a general Cyantian dislike of traditional Fox attitudes. This is, however, more than offset by Ruti's general willingness to trust others, and the fact that many of the Fox he has known have been of the decent sort, rather than the haughty Fox often associated with the Fox states.

What is his or her view on other species? Ruti has only ever known life within Wolf territory, and has the normal prejudices of a typical citizen under the Akaelaes and the Council. He is still getting used to humans, but has no large bias for or against any other race, although some of the more elite and powerful classes earn his awe and respect for their abilities. (Notable are the Sirac, the species of the fictional spy "Umbra Mens")

Please answer the following in a couple paragraphs: What is your character's history? Who is or was your characters family? What were the important events of your characters past? What kind of life did they have before they arrived at the academy?

Ruti's family consists of his father Taisha Fidael, an orange Fox, and his mother Noiya K'lim Fidael, a blue Fox. He had a red fox godfather, as per Fox tradition, but the godfather died during the plague which hit about 2 years after they came to Wolf lands.

The father, a orange fox scientist known to have dissenting views on many things in the Fox government, fled when his blue-furred wife became pregnant, for fear of what might happen to his son on his account. Once in Wolf territory, he worked temp jobs for a brief period of time, until the quality of his work landed him a good job with Avistary Academy as a lab technician. He was chosen as one of the staff to move to Mars for a new project 2 years ago and his family moved with him.

(Family historical note: A tragedy had happened to the kit one of Taisha's friends with similar views about a rot or so before his wife's pregnancy, and it was generally known such was retaliation for expressive of views counter to the interests of the ruling class. Seeing as the circumstances are now generally good, and no reason exists to think upon or speak of it, the details will remain unknown. The key reason for it was that it was the final piece of the picture on why a normally content Fox who favors the low risk action would have moved to a strange land rather than staying where he was.)

Ruti has had things fairly easy since Avistary Academy, and never really known adversity. He's always been well off, although the family isn't all that wealthy.

Other Addenda Connected to Ruti

Owned NPC - Taisha Fidael - Father and Lab Tech for Mars Academy.

Physical Appearance - Orange Fox with neatly cut black hair, 4'10" with lean build. Conservative dress, with a tendency towards the formal.

Personality - Conservative, formal, and pleasant. He is slightly introverted, but fairly friendly to those who know him. He has an aversion to risk, and therefore acts with caution, both in actions and in words. Some of this may stem from his experiences in Fox lands. He has an air of contentment about him, but still has some aspirations.

Likes and Dislikes - He loves his family more than anything else, especially fond of his son, Ruti. It was for Ruti that he took the biggest risk he has ever made, and he knows the likes and dislikes of his son well. His other primary interest is in the sciences, and he may sit in on some classes, or learn on his own in the library, reading up on both the basic information in certain fields, and in advanced publications which arrive on campus.

His primary dislikes are undue risk, laziness, and unethical practices. He sees some of these in Ruti, but is confident he can help Ruti to overcome these faults. These dislikes also extend to those he works with, whether the offender has a position below, above, or equal to his own. If they offend his dislike enough, he will take them aside and let them know.

Interaction - In general, Taisha is known only in limited circles, and doesn't often talk with others outside his normal social circles. His demeanor is generally professional but warm.

In regards to his family, Taisha is a stern disciplinarian, a loving father who enjoys giving Ruti gifts he likes (within reason), and works well with Noiya, his wife in raising their son. The means of discipline is primarily the loss of privileges and the loss of use for some of his toys for a time. Taisha is the main decision-maker, but always consults his wife if possible. The two are usually of one mind and don't often disagree.

Owned NPC - Noiya K'lim Fidael - Mother, Homemaker, and Organizer.

Physical Appearance - Blue Fox with styled white hair, 4'10" with moderate build. Simple decorative style of dress.

Personality - Outgoing, talkative, and practical. She enjoys interacting with others, and has plenty of time to devote towards the social graces. She also has a talent for organizing and aiding events, and is adaptable to the vision of those who run them. She possesses the ability to see into the motives of others using her intuition, which is useful when she cubsits for other parents. She prefers to stay out of the limelight however.

When she needs to, she has the natural leadership ability to take charge, but prefers to let others handle things if possible. When she is in a serious frame of mind, she tends to be very calm and deliberate in her manner. She uses Ruti's full name and the Khaasi tongue in order to chastise Ruti and stop any protest he may raise.

Likes and Dislikes - She loves interacting with others in both conversation and activities. The topics of interest tend to revolve around the daily lives of people within her circle, or close to someone in her circle (marriage, children, college, etc), but may expand to events of galactic importance whenever they would have an effect on daily life. She also enjoys the satisfaction from an event which runs smoothly, even if her roile is largely unknown.

She has also shown a tendency to befriend those whom she takes a liking to, including anyone who seems to need help adjusting to a new culture.

Her primary dislikes are pranks, social faux pas, and people who try to appear to be something they are not.

Interaction - In general, Noiya is also known only in limited circles, and doesn't often talk with those outside her circle of friends. Unlike her husband, though, she is willing to talk to strangers if the opportunity arises and if any nearby friends are busy. Her demeanor is friendly and relative informal, and she generally attempts to find out about the person first.

Noya is also a fairly stern disciplinarian, and essentially runs the daily household operations. While Taisha is usually the one who makes any final decisions which affect the whole family, she does advise him, and can make any urgent decisions that he may not be there to make. Noiya is generally the one Ruti talks to if he needs some comforting or advice from an adult that doesn't involve the possibility of punishment.

Fictional Characters Jana Bovine - Fictional Spy, Cyantian Cow (pure Gurnsey) - Jana Bovine is a series of fictional stories involving a high-class cow spy. The general feel of the series, though, is that of the old Adam West version of "Batman" rather than the James Bond variety of atmosphere, with Jana frequently being captured and placed in various death traps. The missions tend to involve plots that would destroy entire kingdoms by wealthy and independent villains (who tend to be largely two-dimensional). Jana makes frequent use of hi-tech gadgets disguised as plain objects. Her immediate supervisor answers only to the Council. She is tentatively named "Agent Syke" in honor of Syke's input in creating Jana Bovine. Agent Syke's role is limited pretty much to briefing and debriefing Jana Bovine, and it is rare for her to get personally involved beyond this.

Ruti's favorite spy.

Umbra Mens - Fictional Spy, Cyantian Sirac - Umbra Mens is a codename for an elite spy. He primarily uses his Sirac psionic and phaseshifting abilities, and operates largely from the shadows, often surprising his opponents just as they think they have won. The mood of the series is a little over-the-top, and takes a good deal from the superhero genre. The villains may be independent or connected to a nation. At any rate, they tend to have more personality than Jana Bovine villains, and have reasons for their attempted misdeeds.

Ruti also is intrigued by these fictional spy stories.

Extra Note: Prenna has mentioned the kiss at the end of each story. It's nothing too mushy, although Ruti tends to ignore it for the most part.

Ad'Iglen Visindi - Fictional Detective, Cyantian Wolf - The epitome of the scientific and logical mindset, Ad'Iglen uses a combination of his keen senses, impeccable perception of details, and logical reasoning to fathom the truth behind often baffling circumstances. Many of his cases, however, involve circumstances which appear to the casual observer to be fairly normal. They are chronicled by an mouse engineer associate of his by the name of Mr. Rokfriez. The time is set several decades back, in a time where Cyantian technology was not advanced as it is now, where there was unrest between the various countries, but not at the moment a war. Visindi spends a lot of time between cases performing various scientific experiments in his make-shift lab, and is very active in the scientific community. He also has a gift of the theatrical, which he often makes use of, both in social experiments and in eliciting information. Visindi begins by examining small details before forming them together into a larger picture, and makes use of the Cyantian technology of the time when needed.

Ruti's favorite detective.

Hrr'ki Jussio - Fictional Detective, Cyantian Mounty - An arrogant mounty with the uncanny ability to perceive beyond the obvious in what drives people's actions. He is extremely vain about his looks, and obsessive about how things are arranged and ordered. Owing to this obsession, his keen intuition, and an ability to ponder possibilities most wouldn't think of, he very often arrives at the surprising truth. He is a very good chef, and may dabble in architectural engineering. Hrr'ki prefers thinking on the big picture, rather than focusing on small details.

Ruti will occasionally read and enjoy some Hrr'ki stories.