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She's a 5 foot tall Rishan female with two small diagonal tattoos on her lower right cheek who owns an arena team of four members: a Sairah named Acadiu (whom she's developed feelings for (AD Day 14, strip 57)), a Kourwine named Koanei, a Littan named Rhin, and a Rishan named Torbian.

The reason why she plays the game and fights the Dice she possesses is because in the end, you still have to eat and sleep and her Dice must earn their keep. They use some of the money, invest some and on occasion... she BUYS another Dice that's being cast off. She makes money, which is a hard thing for her to do as a Rishan, and is saving many Dice from far worse masters and isn't really putting them in any danger... except against Lexx, which was Acadiu's idea. He didn't think he'd really fight that hard.

Her players are free to do what they like with their time outside the arena, within reason. (AD Day 14, strip 28) They also don't have to fight if they really don't want to, and are provided with food, private rooms, and most anything they want as long as they work for it. (AD Day 14, strip 34) She won't tolerate laziness though - they earn their keep one way or another. If they win enough, they're retired and opened to a breeding contract (the ADC is very interested in using proven stock) and live the rest of their lives in luxury. They get to retire with their 100th win, with a percentage of their earnings. Saign is investing 5% of their profits, and is good at letting them know how much they have saved. (AD Day 14, strip 36)

She first offered Lexx a chance to join her team willingly, transferring his contract from the ADC to her, (AD Day 14, strip 26) and offered a challenge if he refused. (AD Day 14, strip 28) Though she spoke coldly about the battle, she had given Acadiu instructions that Lexx was not to be killed. (AD Day 14, strip 42) She had also promised her team that they would never be put in a situation where they could be killed. (AD Day 14, strip 50)

She had previously made an agreement with Riley that she wouldn't challenge Lexx, (AD Day 14, strip 43) but when she heard rumors going around that a Gauntlet may be called on him, (AD Day 14, strip 27) as well as feeling a desire of revenge against the ADC (AD Day 14, strip 41) for the recent loss of her brother (AD Day 14, strip 46) who used to be in the game, (AD Day 14, strip 44) she challenged him anyway (figuring she had enough funds to withstand anything Riley could do, or the blacklisting of her team (AD Day 14, strip 43)), rationalizing that he'd never win if he couldn't beat Acadiu anyway, (AD Day 14, strip 46) and lost (nearly losing Acadiu in the process). (AD Day 14, strip 52)

Before this, she didn't realize how powerful Lexx had become, (AD Day 14, strip 55) or that he might actually kill if pushed too far into a corner. (AD Day 14, strip 46)

She considers Torbian to be a slouch. (AD Day 14, strip 57)

Her very first Dice was an Alien Dice Junior Diced Sallomandyr given to her by her friend Clorie.

  • First appearance in comic in AD Day 14, strip 23