Satin and Silk

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The predecessor to Campus Safari and No Angel. It is comprised of 3 main sections.

The main part consists of Chatin (Satin) and Cilke's (Silk) encounters on Earth predating incidents in Campus Safari, mainly focusing on the two Skunks, and how they met Jules, Marcus, and Twinky, and was later moved to precede Campus Safari in its archives. It's the comic that started it ALL... After an accident sends a pair of skunks and a handful of other anthro creatures to Earth, they are left in the hands of a furry fanboy and an anime fangirl...

The First Prequel takes place in the timeline in year 890. It explains the origins of Chatin, Cilke, Quinn and Collin. The original is available only in print, and is being redone in Genoworks Saga.

The Second Prequel 'Puppet Strings' details an incident one summer in their past. It also introduces some of the history of the Cyantian World, the Sirac Marion and Lord Dior. This one is also currently only available in print.