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Short Biography


Sean Ross
Human (altered)
Strawberry blond hair in a mullet style, red wings
either 21 or 23
February 7, 1978 (No Angel, strip 8)
Student at Mars Academy


Identical Twin Brother 


Known characteristics

  • Hates his wings and how they limit his wardrobe, but loves to fly. If he couldn't fly, he'd have his wings removed. (No Angel, strip 2)
  • Desires that people see him as a normal human - which having wings tends to prevent.
  • A little paranoid that people like him only for his wings, (No Angel, strip 20, strip 31) a feeling enhanced by Stephen's comments towards him. (No Angel, strip 10)
    • Is put off by those with an Angel Complex. (No Angel, strip 3)
      • This was heightened by his time on Earth, where once people saw he had wings they either were afraid of him, or worshiped him... or wanted to exploit him. (No Angel, strip 4)
    • Quinn points out that others being first attracted to his wings isn't much different than him first finding a pair of eyes attractive. (No Angel, strip 32)
  • He's a poor liar. (No Angel, strip 285)
  • Has to shave daily and it's not thick either. Has tried to grow a beard to look older,... only the other Cyantians pointed and laughed when he tried that.
  • He's careful and a planner to the point that he hates when his plans are disrupted. While he can easily find a new plan, he LIKES plans and doesn't like other people not working with his plans, especially when he does know the situation better.
  • While Sean hates it when plans go wrong, he will take full responsibility for his own actions and the results of those actions.
  • He does have a quick temper, but it's more one of those boiling point things that quickly burns then fizzles out. He usually takes it out on things, not people.
    • Usually doesn't put up with people being idiots in dangerous situations. (No Angel, strip 233)
  • Likes to play pranks and rarely gets caught. (No Angel, strip 36)
  • Alex has both Sean and his brother pegged as peeping toms, mainly because she'd caught Stephen hiding up in the ceiling panels above the bathing room. Of course, Sean had told him of the opening, but Sean wasn't about to hang around for anything more than sabotaging the bathroom without being seen. He'd had a good laugh dropping fizzy powders into the bath that clung to Brix's fur so thickly that she looked like a snow leopard.

Known traits and abilities

  • Has the ability to wield energy blasts in the same way as the elite Black Fox, (No Angel, strip 180) his have a purplish tint to them. (No Angel, strip 181)(No Angel, strip 261)
    • His aim is better with his right hand. (No Angel, strip 265)
  • Can fly
  • Learning to be an ambassador. (No Angel, strip 15)(No Angel, strip 174)
  • Can speak Kavri - the Koyoti language. (No Angel, strip 179)
  • Strong enough to crush a steel trap with one hand. (No Angel, strip 188)
  • Tends to be very healthy, having been seriously sick only once or twice in his life, and never having thrown up before being shot with the AMIB bullet. (No Angel, strip 270)


  • First appeared in Campus Safari coming out to meet the new human, Jules, (Campus Safari, strip 173) though he's apparently already met Marcus.
  • Used to go home and visit his parents every other weekend, but can't lately due to increased AMIB activity. (Campus Safari, strip 238)

  • First appeared in No Angel gazing off the deck of Mars Academy, and thinking about his time on Cyantia. (No Angel, strip 1)
  • His dorm room is number MT-08, which he shares with Stephen, Marcus, and Twinky. [1]
  • He has wings because he and many others were engineered during and after the Cold War, until the AMIB found out and stopped it. They can't go home because the AMIB objects to them since they were created using unauthorized alien tech. (No Angel, strip 6)
    • We was created using alien tech under the disguise of free hospital care for parents who couldn't have children of their own. When he was born with wings, they told his parents he was deformed and died and kept him for their North America Project. (No Angel, strip 8)
  • He was attracted to Alex when he first met her... then he got to know her. (No Angel, strip 32)
  • Apparently has a tracer on him that automatically sends a signal to security if he's hit. (No Angel, strip 52)
  • Trying to impress her, he gave Jules Tizzy, thinking him to be a Naloket kitten. (No Angel, strip 65)
  • Is a little offended that Marcus warns only him that he shouldn't be pursuing his interest in Jules. (No Angel, strip 98)
  • Trying to fly with Jules and Stephen to escape the AMIB, he was shot twice in the arm and dropped Stephen. (No Angel, strip 139)
  • In a past encounter with the AMIB, he and Stephen managed to keep away from them for two weeks. Problem was that while they had to eat and sleep, the AMIB just brought in new agents to wear them down. (No Angel, strip 161)
  • Later had Maddie remove one of the bullets, (No Angel, strip 155) and Jules the other. (No Angel, strip 166)
  • Has never had a serious relationship, never kissed a girl, and quite happy to call himself a virgin. (No Angel, strip 168)
  • As a result of being shot, his temper was shorter than usual, his arm was in a lot of pain so he was having a hard time thinking straight, (No Angel, strip 168, strip 171) and he lost his appetite and began to develop a fever. (No Angel, strip 245) These would later be followed by vomiting, and numbness in his fingers. (No Angel, strip 270)
    • This was the result of the virus the AMIB had included with the bullet. (No Angel, strip 269)
  • Has some scars at the base of his wings hidden by the feathers that he got when he was first captured by the AMIB. (No Angel, strip 237) He was overconfident and they snared him with a wire net, causing him to fall 20-30 feet. (No Angel, strip 238)

  • Grew up as part of the North America Project. Was rescued by Darius
  • Spent between 6 and 10 years on Cyantia, when the AMIB started culling out those like Stephen and Sean. You might say, they're refugees and it's actually Darius who brought them there. He got involved while he was on Earth, through a mutual human friend, Bounty.
  • Stated that Maddie's dead fiancee Sanders, andd someone named Grimes, were part of what created him.
  • Sean has never made waffles or pancakes... actually, I don't think he's ever even had/SEEN waffles or pancakes.
  • Acting a bit irrational in No Angel after being shot in part due to being infected with a virus on the bullets which normally puts a person in a coma within six hours.