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This artwork was originally created in 2010 for a non profitable project that fell through, so I’m recycling all of my artwork into a new project. I’ve combined it into two other ideas that I was formulating and have been building up on for the last year and am quite pleased with what I’ve come up with without anyone holding me back.

- Tiff

A story revolving around the Queen's Guard - a select organization of mice tasked with keeping fairies away from human habitation and keeping the high road safe for all travelers.

I love my work on the fairy wings here. Now, to start out, there are different types of fairies. Fairies with butterfly wings tend to be workers. They can be fast when they need to be, but for the most part take on a leisurely pace and gather food, hunt, do non speed related jobs. They can be troublemakers like the ones with dragonfly wings, but not nearly as often or as persistently. All fairies like having fun, but the dragonfly winged ones can take it too far. Moth winged fairies are nocturnal fairies and tend to also be taller than the other two kinds of fairies. There is a fourth fair ytype, that with wasp wings. These are warriors and have little tolerance for pranks on anyone.

- Tiff