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Short biography


Sheana Tibal.jpg
Tibal, Sheana
Wolf (Genetic Elite)
Female golden (or rather very bright brown) wolf with white markings. Brown eyes.
Student (in Akaelae), Head of Engineering at Mars Academy (in Campus Safari)
"Your contribution to the Book of D'uh will be noted Marcus." [1]


Darius Akaelae
Shean Tibal (father)
Rama Tibal (half-brother), Vin Fanilt (half-nephew)
Celina, Chatin, Cilke, Kel, Collin, Quinn, Chy, Rose


Sheana's lift.png

Sheana is a golden wolf with white undertones and light brown eyes. She tends to like to wear her hair up and has a preference for wearing clothing that varies in shades of gold and blue.

She's a very outspoken young wolf with a clear head on her shoulders, although it can often be clouded by a certain white wolf she's had a crush on ever since she laid eyes on him.

Sheana's a techy wolf but doesn't really have an aim in her life of doing anything in particular. She just wants to be with her friends... and Darius Akaelae. She's the type who takes what life gives her and makes the most of it. Despite not really having an aim in education, she does have a strong aptitude for engineering, primarily in biology.

Sheana lost her father when she was a very small cub (about age 2) due to his habit of constantly cheating on his mate, Sheana's mother. Among wolves this is considered an offense that is taken care of by the cheated upon spouse. It often doesn't end well, and unfortunately for Shean Tibal, his time as an Elite Wolf had run out - he was aging normally and the healing factor he had so long relied upon had stopped working. He was caught in one of his trysts with another female and badly mauled by his angry wife. Shean died, and shortly after (age 3) young Sheana also lost her mother in a shuttle accident. Left an orphan, she was brought into the Akaelae home to be raised by Shean's longtime friend and fellow Elite Wolf Alpha Akaelae.

During Akaelae, Sheana is unaware of any legacy she is carrying, being too young to know fully what it means - it's all beyond her. She's too busy thinking about Darius, classes, and her friends to think about the future that she will have to take part in one way or another.


Known characteristics

  • In Akaelae was 13 years old, 5'2", and 140 pounds.
  • Is obsessed with Darius. It's to the point that her friends think she's sick when she isn't obsessing about him. (Campus Safari, strip 660)

Known traits and abilities

  • Is gifted with photographic memory.


  • Name is pronounced She-ah-nah
  • First appeared in Genoworks Saga being brought along by Alpha Akaelae to see the recently rescued Syrys Akaelae. (Genoworks Saga, strip 168)
  • She was almost 10 when she met Chatin. (Genoworks Saga, strip 172)
  • First appeared in Puppet Strings watching a match between Collin and Chatin.
  • First appeared in Akaelae spying on Darius with surveillance cameras. (Akaelae, strip 11)
  • Was stalking Darius years before they met. She planned on marrying him from an early age.
  • Her first day of Transitional School would be her first day in a public classroom. She's a year ahead of other wolves her age, but this way she would go with friends. (Akaelae, strip 14)
  • Alpha Akaelae did not approve of her obsessing over his grandson, (Akaelae, strip 13) and threatens to punish her if he caught her sneaking in to the surveillance room to spy on Darius again. (Akaelae, strip 291)
  • Does not know that her mother killed her father for cheating on her, believe they both died in the shuttle accident which killed her.
  • Her Placement Test came back as 85% compatible with Engineering. (Akaelae, strip 503)

  • First appeared in Darius tackling Darius Akaelae with excitement that they had both received an invitation to a Special Training Course. (Darius, strip 33)

  • First appeared in Campus Safari comic strips piloting the Rescue Ship and telling Rad it is her job to lick Darius when Rad licked him to show her appreciation for the rescue. (Campus Safari, strip 108)
  • Parot described her as having interest in Darius, head of Engineering at Mars Academy, and an inventor. (Campus Safari, strip 137)
  • Was the one who made the 'Your contribution to the book of D'uh will be noted, Marcus.' comment (Campus Safari, strip 157)
  • Zax is supposedly a persistent suitor of hers during Campus Safari a point brought up by Celina when trying to drag Darius from his work and devote more attention to her. (Campus Safari, strip 200)
    • Is interested in furthering her relationship with Darius, even asking him when they were going to have cubs. (Campus Safari, strip 460)
    • When mad at Darius later, she claimed she was going to call up Zax so that she can devote her attention on a wolf who pursues her instead of the other way around. (Campus Safari, strip 464)
  • Despite her claims that she's willing to wait for Darius, she'd rather advance their relationship sooner than later. (Campus Safari, strip 463)
    • Part of her moodiness was due to it being 'that time of year'. (Campus Safari, strip 489)
    • Of course, their relationship has been going for 15 years already. (Campus Safari, strip 676)
  • Friends with a Cheetah named Rose in Campus Safari. (Campus Safari, strip 554)
  • While waiting for Darius to show up for a lunch date, which he was very late for due to falling asleep in his office, (Campus Safari, strip 557) she would meet up with an old friend named Chy. (Campus Safari, strip 565) Though late, Darius did show up, (Campus Safari, strip 566) but was immediately called away to deal with an emergency before she saw him,(Technomage students had seriously pranked [[[Khaelis]]), (Campus Safari, strip 568) so she had lunch with Chy instead. (Campus Safari, strip 578)
    • Annoyed that Darius never came for lunch (unaware of the emergency), she arranged a dinner date with Chy as well. (Campus Safari, strip 660) Celina would interrupt it, pushing that she should be with Darius, (Campus Safari, strip 678) or inform him of her lack of interest since he was planning something big. (Campus Safari, strip 679) Sheana would decide that Darius can wait and try to continue her date, (Campus Safari,strip 682) but Chy would break it off, not wanting to get between them. (Campus Safari, strip 683)
    • While she was away, Darius would send a torrent of courtship gifts to her room. (Campus Safari, strips 666-668, strip 674)
    • Darius would meet her, hinting the 'something big' he had planned for her... and then there would be another emergency, (Campus Safari, strip 689) forcing him to give her a quick kiss and 'I love you' before running off again, though she didn't seem to object this time. (Campus Safari, strip 690)
  • She's always on call in case of Emergency. (Campus Safari, strip 668)

  • First appeared in Campus Safari 2.0 preparing to meet Darius for lunch. (CS2 Chapter 1, strip 1)
    • Has some arguments with Celina about how acceptable Darius' frequent date cancellations are, with Sheana giving a lot of leeway due to his job responsibilities, and Celina thinking he should make more effort to make Sheana one of his responsibilities. (CS2 Chapter 5, strip 5)

  • First appeared in No Angel attending dinner with Darius, Silver, Marcus, and Jules. (No Angel, strip 19)


  • Is sometimes drawn by Syke with a black nose and sometimes with a pink nose. Possibly a continuity goof.