Shira Kaimar

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Shira Kaimar
Shira Lessa
Shira Taumas
Zaile, Kane, Lexx

  • Currently being kept in stasis by the ADC as a backup due to the popularity of Lexx in their games. There is a bet going on between them and Zaile where they will allow him to claim her ONLY if Lexx manages to win. If Lexx won, Zaile would claim their sister without Lexx knowing anything about it. She would be worthless to the ADC in that event anyway. If Lexx lost, he would lose the girl because they would put her into play to ride on her older brother's popularity. Lexx knew nothing of his youngest sister and wouldn't know as long as Zaile could help it. (AD Day 18, strip 117)
  • Her age is completely messed up. The ADC gives those they hold all kinds of hormone treatment to force them to age, thus... she's really only 8 (despite being mentioned in some places as being as old as 13 (AD Day 6, strip 50) and has been in stasis for a very long time. She was born months after her father died, and since Lessa was unable to care for two children, she was adopted to another family... and supposed to be returned when she turned five. That didn't happen because of Lessa's death, and then Lexx was on his own for a short time, but once he ended up in the ADC as a 'pure' strain, the ADC 'acquired' his sister and put her in 'storage'. Lexx doesn't remember her because he was very young at the time.
  • She's currently 10 years old, but should be older... only 4 to 5 years younger than Lexx. (AD Day 22, strip 119)
  • Zaile wants to acquire her, but the ADC refuses to let him. He had tried to obtain her through official channels, but the ADC Council essential stated that since her guardianship was signed over to them as an orphan, they owned her. (Day 6, strip 50)
  • The ADC won't sell her contract. She was only nine years old. They had her in storage. She wasn't frozen or even suspended, just,... stored in a deep sleep. Because they had Lexx, she had been put away to be used at a later date. (AD Day 14, strip 74) The ADC had responded to Zaile's requests to purchase his sister's contract with a stipulation that if he did,... he would allow them, as her guardian, to perform tests on her, but not be put into active play for the ADC. She would still belong to them. He refused. (AD Day 14, strip 75)
    • They gained interest in her because of her blood markers. When Kane was picked up the first time, they became aware of the family line. Kane was too old to take in, and Zaile was already adopted and out of reach, but they moved quick to acquire Lexx and Kaimar. (AD Day 22, strip 120)
  • Andisel was keeping her in stasis as back up breeding stock in case her plans with Lexx and Kane fall through. (AD Day 20, strip 101)
  • First mentioned in AD Day 6, strip 48