Shira Lessa

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Shira Lessa
First Husband
Shira Taumas
Zaile, Shira Alyssa Kane, Shira Lexx, Shira Kaimar, Taum, Rume
Shira Grandmother
Second Husband 

Shira Lessa was Lexx's Mother. She moved from station to station when her children Zaile and then Kane were taken from her, eventually moving to Litta for a while where they let her bear and keep Lexx. She became friends with Riley's parents. After a couple of years, her husband Shira Taumas got a job and a place for them at Risha 1 and moved there to join him.

She was a fighter pilot for the Space Station called Risha 1, gaining her own fighter craft, and had plans to have a daughter after Lexx. She was believed killed in a battle with pirates trying to get inside the station.

The most dangerous thing is someone trying to get inside a station. It happens more to newer stations when they try to test the defenses and old decrepit stations that still function, could make great staging areas and have minimal security. Risha-1 was a new station of a new design, so it got attacked a few times during its initial first years. Fire would rarely go AT the station since they didn't want to damage it and couldn't for the most part anyway. That's why ornate, heavily defended, yet not offensively armed ships were out there.

She had white hair with streaks of light blue.

First Appeared in Lexx's family album in AD Day 1, strip 43

  • Also appeared in the short story Risha

Would later meet Chel, being heavily scarred but very much alive, in AD Day 24, strip 21

  • She was not happy to hear Chel had been abducted by Trasik. (AD Day 24, strip 25)
  • Hates Trasik, and does not want to give her the courtesy of using her name. Trasik doesn't know she is there. (AD Day 24, strip 27)
  • Feels Lexx is better off right now thinking she is dead. (AD Day 24, strip 28)

Her real situation was her ship was destroyed in a battle with raiders, but she managed to land her ship. (AD Day 24, strip 31) Her ship's ID markers were destroyed in the crash, and she was critically injured with no one knowing who she was. (AD Day 24, strip 32) She was pregnant at the time, and while treating her the doctors stole the baby. (AD Day 24, strip 33) (Probably Kaimar) She had been promised that wouldn't happen when they took the job on the Rishan only station, having had their first two children stolen and sold as orphans on the black market on other stations. While recovering the ADC took Lexx and her unnamed girl, kept her heavily drugged while she recovered, and because she had been officially declared deceased, did not give her the medical treatments she should have received. As a fighter pilot, Lessa had been entitled to the best of surgeons immediately following her accident. Surgeons who would have been able to reconstruct her face. The scarring would have been minimal and not the mess that it was now. (AD Day 24, strip 34) She was moved from room to room to conceal her presence in the medical ward, until Rumen ran across her while doing a delivery. (AD Day 24, strip 35) Rumen and Kade Lanier would come to her rescue, first offering the ADC money, which they refused, having tracked her and Taumas' DNA markers. (AD Day 24, strip 37) The ID on her ship, as well as her personal ID under the skin of her right arm both being destroyed were not a coincidence, they had plans to make a long term investment out of her. So Rumen, Kade, and a few of their friends used more aggressive means to secure her escape. (AD Day 24, strip 38) All that time being strapped to a bed had weakened her body to the point of helplessness, and the slow recovery broke her of her desire to go in space ever again. (AD Day 24, strip 39)

Recovering she spent a lot of time with Rumen and Kade. She became friends with Rumen. She had grown up together with Kade, and while it was no secret how they felt about each other, they never acted on it. (AD Day 24, strip 40) She would marry Rumen at a lavish wedding thrown by Kade. (AD Day 24, strip 42)

Lessa is determined that they will not leave their home on Litta, or let Lexx know they live, until the ADC falls, as the ADC will stoop to anything to obtain good genetics. (AD Day 24, strip 44) However, when he does win, she wants Chel to tell him about them and that he has a home to come home to. (AD Day 24, strip 49)