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Short Biography


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Lexx, Shira
January 21
Lexx is about 6'7", blue skin with dark blue markings along his jawline, gold eyes. His hair is initially blue, but changes length and color with levels. At some levels he has leathery wings. His ears tend to get longer with higher levels. Lexx's Appearance at various levels.
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Lexx's Dice
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Shira Lessa
Shira Taumas
Zaile, Kane, Kaimar
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Lexx, as he prefers to be called is the alien in question who's playing the game. What is Alien Dice? He knows all too well. It's a serious game to him in which his life is in the balance. If he loses, he either becomes a slave to whomever beats him in battle or dies. He would prefer to die. So far, he's almost completed the game,... but no-one has completed it before and the forces against him are rising.

And why does he let the girl stay? He originally couldn't stand her, didn't even want to think of her as anything more than a human,... but things change, especially with a young woman who's so persistant in knowing him,.. and having the full attention of his dice.

Things change,.. and Lexx isn't sure if this is good or bad.


Lexx's Biography


Known characteristics

  • While Lexx TRIED to kill himself several times... after awhile he considered too painful to be worth it. Lexx doesn't LIKE pain. While he will linger on the morbid in that area, he isn't really interested in dying... and if he attacked someone and failed, he'd belong to them and they have ways of making new dice cooperate that wouldn't be very pleasant. It's the whole thing of.. you try to kill yourself, jump off a cliff,... but you don't die, you wind up a paraplegic and in worse shape in life than you began. Sure... Lexx could throw himself out of an air lock, crash his ship or find a way to crush himself or decapitate himself,.. but maybe it's just not 'in' him to go to that extreme. Cutting his wrists was more of a 'release' and now it embarrasses him and reminds him of how stupid he was.
  • He wouldn't attack another person (otherwise he probably would've killed Damian or Claudia by now). He just doesn't have it in him to do anything like that. It just doesn't come across as logically 'worth' it. Lexx hates himself, not others and despises it when someone takes out others while taking out themselves.
    • When fighting a challenge he doesn't mind so much when it's against a half-sentient creature, but hates fighting against his own kind. (AD Day 9, strip 2)
  • He flip-flops a lot in his feelings of Chel. His mind tells him exactly what is there, that he loves her for some reason and needs her, and his mind also tells him that he should not do anything to strengthen or endanger that feeling or his relationship until the game is over, because it would be unfair to her and himself. And also, there is always the fact that they just met recently. He doesn't want lust confused for love, he actually wants love. (Of course, we already know that he wasn't initially attracted on a physical level.) He doesn't follow the whole, 'better to have loved and lost than never to have loved again', he's going for eternity. Now,.. his emotional mindset keeps him in complete turmoil on love or lust, is it real, is it not? Is love real at all? Past experiences tell him it is, but barely. Riley's probably the strongest relationship Lexx has with anyone that would be based on love between the two. Riley came looking for Lexx. He never forgot him.
  • Lexx had a weakness for liking some people and beings once he got to know them. As a child, he'd never been the shy type, which always left him open to being taken advantage of and being hurt. Over time, through the Academy he had learned that the best way to avoid the wrong type of people was to be hostile and unlikable. If they saw they couldn't get anything from him easily, they left him alone. Of course, that approach left him with few friends. Damian and Claudia were his friends, no matter how much they annoyed him. They tolerated his behaviors and it almost seemed to be an allure to both of them. They wanted to know him and he resisted them both. He didn't want to know them. He'd carried his barriers too far. (AD Day 5, strip 38)
  • Lexx would be considered EXTREMELY Agnostic. He chooses not to believe in anything. To him, final escape is final escape, but he's also quite afraid of it, otherwise he wouldn't have STOPPED trying to kill himself. (There's also that whole thing that he doesn't exactly like being in pain. If you jump off a building, there's still a chance you'll live ... in a bodycast or paralyzed.) Lexx doesn't like discussing it anymore than where you go when you die. It makes him very uncomfortable. (Same thing with the whole suicide thing, why else would he be so touchy about his arms.)
  • He would rather choose not to believe, than think there is a good creator, like his parents told him, who has singled him out and hates him for no reason. His parents did their temple, recited their prayers, and they are dead. Considers he may deserve what is happening to him for something he will do in the future. (Part of the 'everything happens for a reason' spiel that Riley often said to him before realizing its effect on Lexx) Perhaps something truly horrible that all this drives him toward. Perhaps he's just going to be a tool to do some great evil and this is preparing him for it. He doesn't want to, but life isn't giving him much of a choice. (AD Day 18, strip 101)
  • He spent most of his life on space stations and has had very little exposure to non-processed food - he thinks everything comes in nutra-powders/mixes/blocks. As a result, he finds 'natural' foods - those that come from plants and animals to be disgusting. Being told that something he ate was in fact 'natural' would make him very sick - first mentally, then physically. (AD, Day 3, strip 5)
  • He finds cooking to be relaxing, although he's unsure of how good a cook he is. (AD, Day 3, strip 1)
  • Lexx is obsessed with his game. He spends all his time on strategy and reading. He's not very good company... at first. He IS capable of being friendly, just not good at it, because he avoids socializing like it'll kill him. (AD, Day 1, strip 34)
    • Lexx is actually a very good conversationalist and is very social .. when he KNOWS someone. The problem is, he doesn't want to get to know anyone. He is also a lover of the finer things to the point that he is very materialistic. More so than your average human male in the realm of clothing and neatness. He is also honorable.
  • The dice code affects his hormonal levels more than his thoughts. The hormones of course, affect his moods and they've massively screwed up his thought processes at some points. The nanites kinda throw things off as well while they're repairing injuries. It's not really damaging to Lexx, it just makes him swing, sometimes at the very slightest stimulus from one mood to another. Kinda like being bipolar. He can go from being so depressed that he wants to kill himself to laughing and being playful without any in between. The real Lexx, beneath the mood swings, definitely wants to live and survive. As Riley mentioned, Lexx's nature is more friendly, happy and nice than he acts. It only comes through with a prolonged contact though. Lexx is initially hostile to ANYONE who gets near him that he doesn't know.
  • Possibly as a result of his being bonded to an experimental dice, as he levels up, he has more problems with thinking - especially in battle. He reacts instead of thinks. It starts to unravel his mind at a few levels lower with each reset. He had no problems during the forced/training set, but when he was reset for first set, he leveled twice as powerful as other same leveled Dice. The same happened for his second reset, giving him an exponential increase in power. He does not remember the final battle of the last set, (AD Day 12, strip 4) and Damian is very vague at exactly what happened other than there was a battle and Lexx won, but stated Lexx was not himself... and did not hurt him, Maenae, or Riley, which suggests someone was, but he won't say who. (AD Day 12, strip 26) It's showing signs of happening yet again, and sooner. He never hit one of his dice before this time. (AD, Chapter 2, Strip 12)
    • He had never struck his Dice in anger before the current set, (AD Day 2, strip 12) nor anyone else. (AD Day 2, strip 16)
    • According to Zaile, Lexx's bonding was a test to create a more challenging Dice,.. it did that, but made it so he can never lead a normal life. That bonding did more than give him the abilities of a Dice. It destroyed anything he could have been. Lexx,.. before the bonding was a genius. He scored better than any other student in the Academy. That's why they did the experiment on him. But it also made him mentally unstable and suicidal. The longer Lexx is in the game, the more out of control he is going to become. They've been keeping track of his emotional imbalance and it has gotten worse and more unpredictable the more he levels. He has to complete the game before he loses it all. (AD Day 6, strip 50)
  • He can't stand even the sound of someone throwing up. His time at the Alien Dice Academy was responsible for that. One of his Sairah roommates (named Toine) was given drugs to reduce his weight, and ended up throwing up for days until his throat ruptured and he choked on his own blood, dying in Lexx's arms. (AD Day 8, strip 5)
  • He's a horrible disciplinarian, and finds it hard to say 'no' or 'stop' to Maenae. He had zero experience with children, and pretty much let her do what she wanted without reprimanding her for anything. He envied Riley's ability to discipline her, which made her easier for him to control as well (although he was surprised when Riley almost punched him to get the point across that he needed to be stern when she misbehaved... as well as the explanation that if he gave into her all the time she'd grow up like Claudia). (AD Day 11, strip 28)
  • When fighting in the Academy, he held back when sparring with his friends, focusing on technique instead of brutality. The rest often ended up in the infirmary with bruises and broken bones. (AD Day 14, strip 48)

Known traits and abilities

Side Abilities
Side Ability
1 Electricity
2 Light
3 Stealth
4 Wind
5 Water
6 Speed
7 Dark
8  ?
13 Fly
  • His Nanites allow him to stay awake for weeks at a time if he wants or needs too, though they make him sleep for long periods of time afterwards. He didn't sleep for his entire trip to Earth. (AD, Day 1, strip 24) He often stayed awake as long as possible because he hated dreaming. Dreaming was a horrible ordeal for him, because he did not dream like humans dream. Everything was far more vivid and things came to him in his dreams. In a time when most beings minds relaxed and turned to wafting vapors of distorted reality, his were always vividly real. Shadowed threats and veiled dangers touched at his mind, creeping in amongst his thoughts and tearing them down to scattered images. There was always someone there, with this message or that one, this challenge and that battle demanding his attention. In the dark forests of his mind, there was not an available refuge. Dreams were no escape from reality, they were just an extension of it and one that he didn't enjoy facing. (AD, Day 1, strip 25)
  • Has the ability to breathe underwater, and can do it for hours... an ability he put into use when pursuing the Swim Dice. (AD, Day 1, strip 42)
  • This time through he gained the Speed ability at level 6. (AD, Day 4, strip 21)
  • The nanites prevent him from overheating more efficiently than merely sweating would do. (AD Day 8, strip 9)
  • He gains wings at Level 7, regardless of which ability is tied to the level at the time. (AD Day 9, strip 13) However, unless he has the fly ability, he can only glide with them. They will eventually disappear as he levels up.
  • At level 8 his wings get refined, shortening and compacting in some areas, lengthening in others, so they would be a little bit shorter than they were, but lighter and less bulky. They can be more easily folded and less in his way. His ears also lengthen markedly, as well as his hair becomes long and violet with a gold streak in the front. He also has the ability to bring up an impressive array of lights at this time. (AD Day 20, strip 25)
  • At level 9 sparks fragmented his thoughts and he wasn’t pulling them together easily. His body was changing again and he was only dimly aware of bone splitting at the top of his wings leaving him with two hooked fingers. He seems to be able to generate purple globes of light. (AD Day 22, strip 224)
  • At some point he gains the ability to change his appearance, as he contemplates that when he can he'll change his eye color to green, his skin like Chel's, and change his ears in order to surprise Chel and make life easier on Earth. (AD Day 20, strip 2)
  • Lexx likes SILENCE. Of course, this is in part because his exposure to music has been very limited.
  • He's ticklish. (AD Day 9, strip 58)
  • What he wants from life is to be happy and free.
  • He often has lights dim or off when angry.
  • He rarely looks in the mirror when sad or upset.
  • Lexx was good at mastering storms when he needed them. It was actually his preferred way to fight because of how often it threw off the opponent. He has the unique ability to play with the elements - very few master Dice can manipulate their surroundings - he's outstanding at it, but it takes a lot out of him. It does not work in arenas (do to the lack of natural surroundings). (AD Day 14, strip 33)


  • Lexx is pronounced like the 'ex' in explain and Shira is pronounced "Shy-ra"
  • He had watched a couple of Earth transmissions before going down to the planet, which gave him the mistaken impression that while humans may point guns at people, they wouldn't actually shoot them unless they were threatened. (AD, Day 1, strip 14) Chel would prove his mistake. (AD, Day 1, strip 15)
    • While he had been told the vast majority of humans were not violent... a report he’d found grossly inaccurate in his first encounter with one, he now understood the opposite was true. And not all humans would be like Chel. She herself had been sure to let him know that. He's determined they’re obsessed with studying aliens, and since nobody will help if they fall into their hands... he's developed a fear of being discovered by them. (AD Day 12, strip 25)
  • He invited Chel to join him only because he needed Stealth badly and he preferred that there be as little trouble with the humans as possible, thinking she'd change her mind once it got boring enough, and he could see to it that there'd be nothing to do. Not like there was any room to do anything in his ship. Nothing to entertain with and he wasn't about to be entertaining or accommodating... and if he played it right, she'd see it wasn't worth it. (AD, Day 1, strip 30)
  • The modifiers he has are very basic ones. He only has three: two have six sides, one has 10. (The ones he was given at the start of the game... he can't afford to buy any others and is purposely kept from getting enough to do so. ADC gives him enough money to supply the ship, and a little extra, but not enough for him to save for anything really good.) The basics have an array of different modifications they can do, whereas, specifics are only one trait/type.
    • He has 10 six-sided modifiers he uses on himself during battle. (AD, Chapter 2, strip 20)
  • Loves studying cultures. (AD, Day 3, strip 3)
  • Due to his lack of access to files while the property of ADC, he has no knowledge of any of his siblings, much less that his sponsor Zaile is one of them. He also became friends with Claudia and Damian, and essentially adopted Maenae when he recovered her from a derelict ship.
  • He dislikes anyone viewing his personal family album, finding it embarrassing. This was amplified when Claudia found it, and wouldn't leave him alone afterwards. (AD, Day 1, strip 42) Though it wasn't that he was really embarrassed by the images, it was just that were his private memories and he wanted them kept to himself. They were the only things that he truly owned and by others looking at them, they were less private, less his and only his. He could not help how angry he felt when he found them looking at his personal collection. Lexx didn't like it when outsiders knew much about him, knowledge was power. His mental weakness was the past and he knew it. It was how they controlled him, how he controlled himself, how they had entrapped him where he was. (AD, Day 1, strip 45)
    • Before coming to Earth he had never seen family pictures out in the open for anyone to see... such things were kept private. (AD, Day 1, strip 9)
  • He had been offered a contract 4 times since the middle of his second set to go on the Arena Circuit. He refused, since that would mean he would belong to the Corporation for the rest of his life even if he couldn't be captured. (AD Day 6, strip 27)
  • He has never gotten out of a fight without at least his ribs being bruised. (AD Day 6, strip 32)
  • Lexx loved his books. They were the most valuable things he owned, because they took him away from the game for a time and to other worlds. He'd managed to pick up book plates from each world he'd visited and learned their languages. He hoped to get a few books from Earth as well to add to his collection, only it would be harder because he didn't have the same kind of money. Chel promised that she could get him a few books to read when they went home and he could have them, only they weren't on plates. They were made out of paper. Now that would be something. Books made out of organic materials were very rare in space. She had said she had one that would take him a long time to get through and was filled with information on her religion. That was among the many things that interested Lexx. Foreign cultures, their languages, ways, reasoning. Everything. He loved the myths of other worlds, how they explained things that nothing else could at their times. Growing up around so much technology only made them that much more peculiar. (AD Day 6, strip 57)
  • Although he went along with the Premium Passes that were sold, he was rare in that he refused to do anything a Time Buyer wanted. He would attend social events with them, but do little socializing. His doesn't remember much of the last party he had been taken to, other than his date took it as a challenge to get her way, and gave him drinks with a high percentage of alcohol, despite his nanites' habit of removing alcohol immediately so he can't get drunk. (AD Day 7, strip 13) Only 2 of the 47 who have scheduled time with Lexx have actually managed to do anything with him other than show him off and parade him. (AD Day 10, strip 28)
  • In Lexx's case,... the only two times anyone got more out of him than talking was in the case of a Littan female and a sneaky female Sairah. Neither were wanted to begin with. Both had managed to get Lexx to do things he wouldn't normally do, things best left behind closed doors. Drugs wouldn't work on Lexx, neither did the Littan's ability to control. The nanites prevented him from getting drunk. How had they done it? Lexx didn't think about it. It was too disturbing. As far as he was concerned, he'd been violated. That had been three times in his life. He didn't want to remember any of them. But he did recall one thing. There was a sound while he was showing off for a requesting audience that he could drink the most powerful alcoholic beverage they offered without it impairing him at all. After the sound, everything was a blur and he didn't like what he did remember. Nor did he like the massive headache that he'd waken up to the following morning. (AD Day 10, strip 29)
  • He has made plans with Damian that if he should lose or be killed, Damian is to bring Chel back to Earth and leave Lexx's Dice with her, as well as bring Maenae to her. (AD Day 8, strip 25) He has enough crids saved to provide for her in such a situation, and in fact has spent very little of his winnings to make sure he would have enough. The plan is that the ADC can't claim Maenae if someone steps in as her guardian, and he hopes Chel will if it comes up. (AD Day 8, strip 26)
  • At the finale of a battle with Sicali Riane, she flooded him with her memories upon her death, memories which surface in his dreams. (AD Day 9, strip 18) It is revealed later that she imprinted a Soul Echo on him.
  • Part of his negativity is due to a Dark Voice filled with a hate for everything and loathing that plagues his mind and discourages him from having relationships with others. (AD Day 9, strip 36) It also encourages him to bottle up his emotions and hold in his anger, (AD Day 16, strip 5) and to wait for Chel to contact him rather than contacting her.
  • As a kid, Lexx never frowned. He never cried. He never complained or let anything get in his way. He was happy, and Riley found him to be a fun little brother to have. (AD Day 9, strip 54) He was Riley's Soul Brother, (AD Day 9, strip 56) born one year to the second after he was. (AD Day 10, strip 24)
  • He was upset when Chel went out to capture Steel for him while he was incapacitated because the cameras that follow him were focused on her, which might lead them to try and contact her. (AD Day 9, strip 70)
  • Since he was not in the habit of contracting a native guide, he forgot about it when he met Chel. Fortunately Riley remembered and gave Lexx the necessary paperwork for Chel to sign giving her permission to accompany him (AD Day 11, strip 47) - otherwise charges could be brought against him and his game would be reset. (AD Day 11, strip 48)
  • Lexx possesses a gold bloodstone encircled in a ring of platinum which Stealth has only seen once (AD Day 12, strip 2) which was given to him at the Academy as a parting gift from someone when she graduated. (AD Day 12, strip 3) He keeps it hidden because the sound it plays is broken, shrill, and inconsistent... and gets more horrible every time he hears it. (AD Day 12, strip 4)
  • He had never opened the rewards he received from the ADC for completing his first two sets. He had felt insulted when he received the reward for the first one, being rewarded for participating in a game he wanted no part of. Nor had he any interest in the women they had also sent him as a reward. (AD Day 12, strip 3)
  • He had never been sunburned before his time on Earth. (AD Day 17, strip 3)
  • He possesses a purple dice bag with a draw cord and an embroidered image of himself on one side given to him by Claudia, with separate pockets for his game dice and personal modifiers. He used it but found it embarrassing. (AD Day 17, strip 27)
  • He attends a lot of social functions - and loathes every minute of it. He does enjoy the parties that Damian, Claudia, and Riley throw though, because he doesn't have to attend - he chooses to. (AD Day 19, strip 62) He invited Chel to come with him at Damian's next party, (AD Day 19, strip 63) in part because he wanted to see what it was like to go with someone he wanted to take instead of someone who had paid for the pleasure of his accompaniment. (AD Day 19, strip 64) (Though the party he was thinking of was two months away. (AD Day 19, strip 65))
  • He liked music. And the music he played on the ship wasn't just any music. The only word that came to mind when Chel heard it was 'celestial'. It was like music you expected stars to sing at night to a waning moon, or rain as it joyously fell from the sky. Earthly instruments would have a difficult time mimicking just how wonderful the music made you feel as it wafted through the air an fully encompassed your senses. (AD Day 19, strip 65)
  • Unknown to Lexx, Riane's Soul Echo confronts the dark voice, (AD Day 20, strip 148) which turns out to be a bad memory caused by bad coding (AD day 20, strip 151) merging with and distorting his genetic memory, (AD day 20, strip 150) who's goal is to take over and BE Lexx. She warns 'him' to behave and that she will be watching. (AD day 20, strip 151)
    • Her interaction with the Voice seems to affect Lexx some. When she first confronted 'him', Lexx found confusion filling his thoughts, (AD day 20, strip 149) followed by a wave of dizziness. (AD Day 20, strip 152)
    • She would later confront him after the Gauntlet was issued against him, and insist that if he won, he was not to just live under the radar saying nothing against the ADC, but bring things to light to prevent others from falling into their clutches. (AD Day 27, strip 85) He would dismiss her, since her attacks would be while he slept, and he felt he didn't need to sleep. (AD Day 27, strip 86)
  • From experience with boring parties and the many talkative females he had escorted to said parties, Lexx could easily gauge how much each of the glittering outfits and coils of jewelry cost of those attending Damian's party. They were wearing more than any of the ship’s crews, even the captains, would earn in over a year’s service on a starship. (AD Day 21, strip 91)
  • Per contract terms, he's not able to list his sponsors. For financial reasons, he just pilots the ship.
  • Lexx cannot technically breathe underwater without a modifier or unless he's in the right level. (The nanites WOULD keep him alive, btw, if he tried to drown himself.) The nanites have the ability to absorb oxygen from the air outside the body and then transfer it into the bloodstream. They'd be able to transfer enough to keep him alive and allow for minimal movement, but not enough to really do something, like pursue dice.
  • He has ways of controlling his dice. For one thing, they understand that he's the one who FEEDS them and he does have devices he can use to lock the dice up. I did say that he has devices, he just doesn't use them very often. He has to use them on the wilder dice. Basically, once they're defeated, he puts them in the dice rack, which keeps them in stasis for a time, but he still has to get them out and exercise them or they degrade. It's at that point that he can command them using things that haven't shown up yet since we haven't seen a lot of training sessions of actual training.
  • He allowed Chel access to his mind, wanting to show her who he was, (AD Day 20, strip 36) and wanting to show her the things he couldn't tell her, because some things are difficult to actually tell. (AD Day 20, strip 38) He left himself completely open to her, but didn't want to see what she explored. (AD Day 20, strip 39)
    • There she would see such things as a scenario of a dead garden, (AD Day 20, strip 40) where a child Lexx was excitedly watering a small part and getting it to grow again from a recently appeared spring, (AD Day 20, strip 43) then a slightly older Lexx feeling that nobody wanted him after the death of his parents, (AD Day 20, strip 44) then a scene of him in a group with another Rishan with black hair and no visible marks, 1 female Littan, 2 male Littans, and an androgynous Sairah... which shifted to the Littan female (Clarice) leading him away from the group, claiming she loved him, (AD Day 20, strip 45) 'kissed' him, (AD Day 20, strip 46) then bit him while under the effects. (AD Day 20, strip 47) While under the effects of the 'kiss', he couldn't push her away, and she left a nasty scar where she tore open his neck to drink his blood. (AD Day 20, strip 48) He survived, but was hospitalized, and the blame was placed on two half-breed Littans (his other friends?) instead of Clarice (with him to be moved to the select ward upon his recovery). (AD Day 20, strip 49) Older still, he mentioned that his life was stolen, his parents' lives were stolen, his innocence was stolen, and they came for everything and tricked him when they could until he shut everyone out. (AD Day 20, strip 50) He doesn't let anyone in, but Riley, Maenae, Damian, and Claudia somehow got in - and it confuses him why they stay since he keeps them away. (AD Day 20, strip 51) It dawned on Chel that Damian and Claudia were oblivious to his attempts to keep them away, Maenae too young to see it, and Riley considered them brothers. (AD Day 20, strip 52) Then saw him approaching her while she slept at the Esael Space Station, (AD Day 20, strip 53) and enter her dream. (AD Day 20, strip 54) The dreamscape was shattered when Riley interrupted, (AD Day 20, strip 55) having been playing war games with Lexx in his Mindscape to keep him occupied and away from Chel's observations. (AD Day 20, strip 57)
  • During Damian's party to celebrate Lexx being halfway through this set, he gave Lexx registration tiles to a ship. (AD Day 21, strip 141) It was red, white, and gold, and both newer and larger than his current ship with fully automated security systems, holo dice training rooms, an eco core five times the size. (AD Day 21, strip 143) It would require a crew of 3 - 2 pilots and a technician, and Riley was going to pay for them, as well as giving him Lisaan to cook and clean. (AD Day 21, strip 144) Upon Chel's objection that Riley's not giving her a choice, he said she was free to go on the ship or stay on the island, whichever she preferred, and Damian offered to pay her keep either way. (AD Day 21, strip 147)
  • When Lexx's arm regrew after losing it to Epsy, it no longer had scars, so he no longer bandages that arm.
    • The scars were gone, except for a thin circle that marked where the arm had been severed. Riley's doctors had done a good job in making sure that the scarring was minimal by trimming back the jagged flesh and grafting generated skin over the new and old flesh. (AD Day 22, strip 203)
  • He's ticklish. (AD Day 9, strip 59)
  • He never knew of Kane until he met her. (AD Day 10, strip 34)
    • Once he researched her, he did not trust her. (AD Day 19, strip 31)
  • Unknown to him, his family was alive all this time. He has grandparents living on the Lanier Estate, they were told he was dead. (AD Day 21, strip 111)
    • Found out Zaile was his brother in AD Day 21, strip 112. He was not prepared for Zaile's anger against him, feeling their parents chose Lexx over him, when Lexx never even knew about Zaile. (AD Day 21, strip 118)
  • In the beginning when he first started playing the game, he skipped meals himself to make sure the Dice ate, and did not complain. (AD Day 23, strip 93)
  • He had never had a headache since he was infected with nanites, and found the sensation wonderful when he got one after the Architects removed them and repaired his programming. (AD day 25, strip 119)
    • He has complete control over his nanites now. His immune system was also restored. The nanites are going to destroy any external bacteria or viruses that are foreign.
    • They also unlocked every ability he has, as well as adding a few more. (AD Day 27, strip 57)
      • This includes not only being able to go through walls, but to open portals to travel to anywhere he's been before. (AD Day 27, strip 129)
    • The architects did NOT fix all of Lexx's little mental flips, although they are more stable. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any of the dampers that used to help him keep his emotions in check, but he doesn't have anyone manipulating his emotions anymore.
  • Andisel would personally deliver him message that the Gauntlet was issued against him. (AD Day 27, strip 49)
  • Was named after his ancestor Alexx. (Legacy, strip 5)


  • Lexx's original name was Shira Sakura Lexx, but Sakura was dropped (now Shira Cade Lexx) so it wouldn't appear she was copying an anime (Card Captor Sakura was popular at the time)
  • His ID when placing orders at Waypoints is Shira Lexx 21223Z21, which is confirmed with his ID chip. (AD Day 6, strip 21)
  • First mentioned in the Alien Dice text of Day 1, strip 1; First appeared in the strip in Day 1, strip 2, Leveling up to Level 6 on Day 4, strip 21; Leveling up to Level 7 in AD Day 9, strip 13; Leveling up to 8 in AD Day 20, strip 25; Leveling up to 9 in AD Day 22, strip 224; In AD Day 23, strip 39 he claims he's rolled up 3 times since starting fighting (but still has same appearance); In AD Day 24, strip 51 they state he's now rolled up 4 times and is almost at his fifth; Rolls up to 13 in AD Day 24, strip 99

  • First appeared in Legacy strip 1 complaining that he hates dreaming because when he dreams he hears hundreds of voices of distorted people.

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  • A non-alien version of him appeared in the comic Cafe Anime