Shira Taumas

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Shira Taumas
Unknown (Deceased)

He was 6'2", of medium build with dark blue hair, lighter blue skin, and green eyes (a rare color). His family line originated from the first set of Rishans.

He moved from station to station when officials first took his son Zaile, then his daughter Kane, before they move to Litta and had Lexx.

Lexx's father was one of those strict, everything by the rules types who was in training to be an Admiral on the Littan Fleet.. something happened to prevent that... He ended up separating from Shira Lessa for a while - she lived on Litta raising Lexx while he went in pursuit of a job on Risha 1. He became second in command of the Space Station called Risha 1, then brought his family to live with him.

He reportedly sacrificed his life so that his commander could live. (AD, Chapter 2, strip 30) Lexx's dad was killed in one of the attempts to take over the station from the inside.

First Appeared in Lexx's family album in AD Day 1, strip 43

First shown in Legacy considering getting suppression medication for his genetic daydreams, as they were very vivid due to stress. (Legacy, strip 10)

  • He was tormented by other Rishan youngsters for being raised by a Littan mother. (Legacy, strip 13) (Father is shown to be Rishan with same markings later, though neither parent seen from the front)
  • The genetic memory of Alexx would come to him and urge him to stand up against those who would harm him, even though Taumas didn't like to fight. (Legacy, strip 20) He didn't need to resort to violence, but should speak up, act when he needs to, and run when he needs to, utilizing the generations of experience his genetic memories grant him that not many others had. (Legacy strip 22)