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Shivae takes place prior to all of the strips. It's place in the timeline is at the beginning of the civilizations. The 'Cyantian's' are newcomers to a world that has already been populated,.. by Shivae, Unicorns, dragons, gryphons and many other creatures. It's a time of change and the Shivae would rather run than fight,... why should they fight? They don't bother anyone. They live their lives, play and simply live.

The majority of the main characters in Shivae are non-anthromorphic. They are actual animals, like the velociraptor-like shivae.

Shivae! follows several families of native Cyantian wildlife in their lives. It takes place when Cyantia was filled with animals as rulers of the air, land and seas. That is about to change and those who were there first are not at all sure how to handle the problem. The gryphons have declared war. The shivae want nothing to do with attacking strange creatures they do not understand. Acid Whips, Scythetails, Gryphons and even Shivae are being captured and domesticated by these new creatures.. who seem to continually multiply without end from only a few and have no regard for the established systems of the wild.

The first arc covers Cler, a young wingless shivae in her hatching into the world along with several siblings. They are attacked by Scythetails and it's up to their parents to fend off the creatures. From that point.. things do get better as their old gryphon Mura arrives to see her new students in the way of all things civilized. Cler's oldest sister from a prior clutch goes with Mura to a meeting of gryphons and on the way finds herself meeting something she did not expect... a pair of young males.... there's more, but you should read the story from the start!

The second arc features Vas, another young Shivae, but this one takes place a year and a half prior to the first arc. Young Vas and Riva are left with their father Triv as a sole provider after their mother and siblings are killed by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, they are attempting to flee the lands they've called home for generations to ones where the sticks that kill from afar will never reach them.