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Shivae! is composed of several graphical novels based on the same universe as the other Cyantian Comics, but set in the past before the Immigrant Species spread across the world.

Order of Creation

The graphic novels here are listed in order they were first uploaded. The exact date of when many comics were first updated is unfortunately unknown. Remember that the comics sometimes overlap in chronology because Tiffany Ross usually made and still makes comics in parallel, as well as alternating between which story arc is currently in progress.

Graphic Novels in order they were created
Year Graphic Novel Name Link Note
2001 Cler The story of Cler's family
2002 Vas The story of Vas and Taun, set before Cler
2008 Caiden and Koel currently offline Following Caiden and Koel after Cler's family leaves and they stay behind
2015 Journey Available on Patreon only Independent children's story with Shivae, though not part of the other storylines
 ? Shivae! - Main Story coming soonish The main storyline the other arcs are to be leading into
 ? Zaya coming soonish Follows Cler, continues the story following their adopted Zaya

Chronological Shivae!

Though the Cler story arc was created first, the Vas story arc is set prior to Cler. Chronologically the stories go...

  • Vas
  • Cler
  • Caiden and Koel
  • Shivae! - Main Story - the storyline the arcs are supposed to be leading to.
  • Zaya - continuation of Cler, following Zaya
  • Journey - separate from the other Shivae! stories