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What is Shivae Studios, you might ask? It's basically one person, Tiffany Ross. She writes and produces all of the strips that are listed under that title. *All except a large portion of Sink or Swim which was graciously drawn and colored for a time by Mikael Piotrowski. :) She's also begun allowing people to work for her to color some of the comics like Shivae! and Akaelae in the past.* Below are all of the GNIPs (Graphic Novel in Progress) in order of activity and section

First of all, there are three sections. , which holds Alien Dice. holds Shivae! and has branches to comics that generally have nothing to do with each other and then everything on which are all part of the Cyantian Universe, one way or another. (Shivae! doesn't count though part of the ancient past of that world, since it's Shivae!.) This is her full time job, which enables her to stay at home with her special needs daughter... who after all the heart surgeries is not quite as 'needsie' anymore. ;)