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Cyantian Chronicles


The Cyantia Chronicle Satin and Silk 
Printed July 2001, contains Satin and Silk, Prequel, bonus short stories Interlude to Chaos (by Tiffany Ross), Easter Skunks (by Tiffany Ross), and Stripes (by Kevin Corcoran/Spotweld), bonus comic "Akaelae" What is in a Name?


The Cyantian Chronicles Book 1 
Printed April 2002, contains Satin and Silk, Campus Safari through Survivor Ship (with commentary on both), bonus comic Twinky: Life Phases
The Cyantian Chronicles Book 2 
Printed June 2002, contains Campus Safari from arrival on Mars, along with interwoven No Angel strips through Rezna's attack (with commentary on both), bonus comic No Angel: Innocence Lost


The Cyantian Chronicles Books 1 & 2 
Printed 2003, contains the entirety of The Cyantian Chronicles Book 1 and The Cyantian Chronicles Book 2
The Cyantian Chronicles Book 3 
Printed June 2003, contains Campus Safari from the Xaibars arc through Cisco's private meeting with Chatin in the park, bonus comics Cesilee's Diary: The Hunt and Adventures in Cubsitting 101


Academy Diaries aka Cesilee's Diary 
Printed 2004, contains Academy Diaries from the beginning (including Premium content) through the blindfolding of Galen - available at


Campus Safari - The Rough book 
Printed 2005, contains Satin and Silk, Campus Safari until end of original storyline, a few strips of WYSIWYG!, bonus comic Twinky: Life Phases, bonus short stories Interlude to Chaos, Omega Elite - Akaelae (not the same as Akaelae), The Underground, Urban Survivors, Tamera, Cass, and the canon story Danie (12 Chapters!)


Akaelae #1 
Printed May 2006, contains Akaelae in color from start to where Darrik is captured by Filaire, short comic 'I Dare You' - available at
Shivae #1 
Printed May 2006 - contains the first 4 sections of Shivae! Arc 2 (Vas's story) in color (from start of Vas through introduction of Taun and Noel, Shivae Species Page, Triv, Vas, and Riva Profile page - available at
Akaelae - Limited Prequel #0 
Printed June 2006, contains Prequel - available at

Alien Dice


Alien Dice Book 1 
Printed June 2002, contains Alien Dice Day 1 and 2, comic + text, bonus comic Alien Dice Year One: Chosen
Alien Dice Book 2 
Printed December 2002, contains Alien Dice Days 3, 4, and 5 comic + text


Alien Dice #1 
Printed June 2004, contains Alien Dice Day 1 comic + text, bonus Day 0: Premium Visitation and Day 0: Damian - available at


Alien Dice #19 
Printed May 2006, contains Alien Dice Day 19 - available at
Alien Dice #18 
Printed June 2006, contains Alien Dice Day 18 - available at

Abby's Agency


Abby's Agency #1 
Printed May 2006, contains the first 61 strips of Abby's Agency (through the spy watch with the cartoon mouse) - available at