Sicali Riane

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Riane se.jpg
Riane, Sicali
Light blue skin, dark marking down center of forehead, long white hair done in a ponytail
Soul Echo Appearance 
Light blue skin, dark marking down center of forehead, yellow eyes, long violet hair done in a ponytail, more youthful

Riane beast.jpg

Riane was a fellow Dice player that was captured and now the prize possession of Biste. (AD Day 9, strip 1) She was forced to fight against Lexx, a battle she didn't wish to be part of, especially since she didn't want Lexx to fall into Trasik's hands, so she held back as much as she could and communicated with him using the relay to tell him her abilities and that Biste cheated. (AD Day 9, strip 4) Biste used a control ring to suppress her mentality and allow the Dice code to take over, forcing her to go further in battle than she would on her own. During the battle she slipped and impaled herself on a broken trunk, then died (possibly keeping her Nanites from healing her to insure it), but not before thanking him over the relay, (AD Day 9, strip 17) and infusing him with her memories using the Rishan technique of Soul Echo. (AD Day 9, strip 18)

  • Biste and Trasik had a deal that if Riane had won, she and Lexx would be mated and the child turned into a Dice. (Legacy strip 4)

She in part envied Lexx for still being free, feeling she was just a toy to her captors. She'd been traded back and forth, and none of her masters treated her well, either ignoring or abusing her. (AD Day 9, strip 4)

At the time of her final battle, she was level 8 - with the sides fly, illusion, plasma, strength, wind, far sight, speed, and change. (AD Day 9, strip 4) 'Change' allowed her to transform into a beast. (AD Day 9, strip 6)

She would later appear in the background of Lexx's mind confronting the distorted genetic memory that had been plaguing him, warning 'him' that she would be watching his behavior. (AD day 20, strip 151)

  • As a Soul Echo, she had as much ability to manipulate Lexx as the Dark Voice did. (AD Day 20, strip 150)
  • As part of her self-appointed duty, she was quick to step in and smack the Voice when he tried ruining Lexx's moment with Chel at Damian's party. (AD Day 21, strip 103)

She has also had contact with Stealth in Lexx's mind, though currently keeps herself deep in the recesses of his mind and far from his reach. (AD Day 20, strip 153)

When the Architects were correcting Lexx's coding, she would be pulled out of hiding. They were unsure whether the process would also remove Soul Echoes or not. (AD Day 25, strip 93) She remained.

  • She would later reveal her presence to Lexx, Chel, Riley, and Zaile. (AD Day 25, strip 139)
  • She would tell him that she was not there to drive him crazy, and that for the moment her job was done, so she would be dormant until Lexx triggered her. She also mentioned there was someone else there he should listen to once he decided to show himself. (AD Day 25, strip 142)

In Legacy her Soul Echo would sort out Lexx's genetic memories, and is presenting them to Lexx, whether he remembers or not, because she doesn't want to die without making her mark on the universe, one way or another. (Legacy, strip 6)

  • First appeared in AD Day 9, strip 2; First Speaks as a Soul Echo in AD Day 20, strip 148; First Appears as a soul echo in AD Day 20, strip 150
  • First appeared in strip 2 of Legacy telling Lexx he doesn't always hate dreaming, as he likes them when Chel is in them.

  • Her father was a repairman who could fix most anything. (AD Day 27, strip 72) He was a good man who helped others, who expected others to treat him as he treated them. (AD Day 27, strip 74) Although most did, (AD Day 27, strip 75) some took advantage of him, stole from him, lied to him, and carelessly destroyed his property. (AD Day 27, strip 76) The ADC would come one day looking for Riane, since they were 'recruiting' Rishan of specific bloodlines. They wanted to test to see if she was one and pay him for her if she was... he refused. (AD Day 27, strip 80) They came back regularly until they caught him off-guard, then they killed him, and took Riane declaring her an orphan. (AD Day 27, strip 82)

  • She would not be content with letting Lexx quietly live his life, and insist since he was in a position to do so, to do something to stop the ADC from ruining more lives, (AD Day 27, strip 85) threatening to turn his sleeping life into a nightmare if he angered her. (AD Day 27, strip 86)