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Short Biography


Silvia C'lan
Silver Fox
Silver fur all over, long black hair with a silver colored forelock on the right side, dark blue eyes that shine gold in dim light
Head of Covert Operations Unit, teacher in field of Special Operations at Mars Academy (in Campus Safari)


Brix, Tira, Alex


Young Silver.jpg

Abandoned as a kit by her mother Cira, who was afraid for her life, she was raised amongst the Mounties in Galen Cragg. Silver was adopted by King Laish and made a princess (she is known to be the last Silver Fox alive). Quite possibly the reason for her seemingly unimaginative name.

Upon adulthood, she would become stranded on Earth and make an appearance in the story, The Underground. In Campus Safari, she would wind up on Earth once again through Cilke's actions, (Campus Safari, strip 6) arriving at the top of a pole in the middle of a fair (Campus Safari, strip 9) near a child who mistakes her for a Vulpix, (Campus Safari, strip 92) and would first be reunited with Striker, (Campus Safari, strip 96) then find the others, (Campus Safari, strip 101) and try to locate Chatin and Cilke by watching television. (Campus Safari, strip 102) She would then search with Striker, though by a helicopter that came circling past them several times, obviously someone on Earth was trying to locate them. (Campus Safari, strip 105) Eventually Darius would rescue them. (later on in the story, Darius would reveal to Bounty that he had sent her to lead a rescue attempt back on Earth).

In the later storyline of No Angel, she and Ballistic would rescue Jules. She would run into Evionne and later into a bunch of Koyotis. The Koyotis were none too pleased with her presence, but she was saved with the mistaken assistance of Evionne, who attacked one of the Koyoti instead of her. Apparently, to her Silver foxes look like Koyoti.

One of them, Risk, saves her from trouble shortly after, (No Angel, strip 316) and teleports her back to the ship. (No Angel, strip 320) She was not initially very pleased with his presence though, and seemed to know him. (No Angel,strip 316)(No Angel, strip 321)


Known characteristics

  • Enjoys pranks as long as she knows they are going on and are not against her.
  • Dislikes Earth, (Campus Safari, strip 93) but loves Chinese shrimp and crab legs. (Campus Safari, strip 102)

Known traits and abilities

  • Is an accomplished martial artist.


  • Was born in Goican, a Perimeter Wall City of Vixinte.(Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 49)
  • Was first shown as an infant in Gralen Cragg Hall. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 52) Her mother feared for her safety as all Silvers were to be executed, and being members of the guard, her parents could not hide her there. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 54)
  • Was left by Cira with two young lion cubs in Mounty territory, (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 60) and taken to the king by their mother when Cira did not return. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 62)
  • Was one of only 2 known silvers to survive the purge (Dittm being the other). (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 63)

  • First appeared in Akaelae chasing Tira with water balloons. (Akaelae, strip 510)
  • She's six months younger than Tira.
  • She's the most mischievous of the Tira/Silver/Brix trio, and probably the smartest.
  • She has been known to get outside past the Hold Walls before, mostly by accident. She's good at doing it by accident. (Akaelae, strip 585)
  • Cilke feels that Silver is more trouble than Quinn. When Quinn's around she'll get in the way before allowing anyone else to get hurt, but Silver doesn't think, she just does. (Akaelae, strip 690)
  • As the chamber they were exploring collapsed, she and Safiri fell into the Pool of Lights. (Akaelae, strip 719) Fortunately or unfortunately, it was actually a Gate (Akaelae, strip 731) that took them to Earth. (Akaelae, strip 732)

  • First appeared in Satin and Silk/Campus Safari together with Rad, Striker and Mako visiting Chatin's pad. (Campus Safari, strip 3)
  • Parot describes her as a fox raised by mounties to avoid persecution from her kind, the only silver fox in existence, and a teacher in the field of special operations. (Campus Safari, strip 137)
  • Grew up in the same Mounty hall as Rayne and romantically pursues him, although in a light-hearted way. (Campus Safari, strip 210)
  • Teaches a class she is rarely late for. (Campus Safari, strip 505)

  • First appeared in Campus Safari 2.0 attending a movie party with Rad, Chatin, Cilke, and Lucian. (CS2 Chapter 1, strip 6)
  • She has a subspace emergency pocket she keeps stocked with supplies. (CS2 Chapter 3, strip 15)

The Underground

  • Was living on Earth at the time the plague hit, only learned about it after running into Tira after rescuing Vic.
  • Was 17 at the time.
  • Skilled at breaking into places.
  • Able to speak English well.
  • Hates Corona after an incident when Corona tried to kill her while hunting a different silver fox.
  • Was a friend of Kiet