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Sivine Stonebriar
Dark red hair, turquoise/aqua eyes, ambidextrous, yellow skin, red stripe along sides of tail, two tentacles, smells like cinnamon vanilla cookies

  • He was initially a lost baby in a dead tree, found and rescued by a passing goblin... then sold as a naga hatchling. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 12)
  • Was bought by the ogre Cuspic as a gift for his wife and named Slug. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 13) When he became sick, the fact that he was not a naga was discovered. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 14) The illness turned out to be that he was too dry to shed his skin properly. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 15) When his wife tired of him after her own children were born, he was locked in a shed and mistreated when he wasn't outright ignored. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 16) Cuspic eventually decided he should be eaten, (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 19) but his daughter Kimine didn't want to eat him so secretly took him into the woods and set him free. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 32)
  • Acadiel found him in the woods, since he was assigned his protector, and gave him to Leilo to take to Torrance Stonebriar to raise as his son. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 41)
  • Siv, as he is called, pronounced Seev, is the main character and no, he's not a Naga, he's something else, but even he doesn't know what he is.
  • He is the last of his family.
  • Apparently has some sort of nanobots in his blood. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 119)

  • He was raised by a master swordsman. One of the stories in his life that's not going to be added tells a lot about him:

Since he was raised in a small community, while young he was treated as just a deformed kid by some with pity, others treated him as though he was normal.
Event in mind, that Syke really liked was simply that some older, bigger kids were picking on him in school, and he wouldn't stand up for himself even though they pushed him down and just picked on him... because of how the ogres treated him that he shouldn't fight back or defend himself.
Noting that he kept coming in scuffed up, the schoolmaster figured out what was going on... and that it was his own son doing the picking and pretty much told Siv he should stand up to him because nobody should be treated like that and if nobody stands up to the bullies, then they continue to be bullies and pick on more than just you. They pick on smaller weaker people as well.
This was a bit AFTER he'd already had quite a few lessons in the art of self defense and swordsmanship from his adoptive father. He always considered it a game, even though his father was simply training him to defend himself for when he became an adult and might have to leave their city or if someone came in who was an outsider.
The statement from the schoolmaster sunk in just the right way and the next time the bullies picked on him,... he beat them up, and proceeded to break the schoolmaster's son's arm accidentally. Kid fell off a pony trying to get away. Wasn't really Siv's fault, but Siv went immediately to state what happened to the schoolmaster, pretty much though, taking the blame himself: Kids picked on him, he fought back, other kid tried to get on a pony, who was already afraid of Siv, pony bucked and kid fell off because Siv startled it.
Response: Schoolmaster sided with Siv, informing his son he deserved what he got for picking on him and broken bones are a part of being a boy. And... surprisingly, Siv did become friends with that boy.

  • He does not remember his birth parents, and Leilo won't tell him about them, stating that information is part of his quest. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 11)
  • When grown, Leilo gave him the Sivine Blade and told him to head east to retrieve the missing pieces. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 11) He can't use the blade because it's broken, and the pieces on their own are dangerous because they contain power which can be misused. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 135)
  • He'd never been outside of Eden's Grove before this quest. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 70)
  • He's afraid of the dark, and though he no longer acts on it when grown, the fear remains.
  • Leilo continues to act as a guardian for him, though not traveling in his party.
  • He became friends with Genet after an encounter with her when she tried stealing his clothes. She now travels with him.
  • Shot with an arrow by Troi while fighting off Hounds,(Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 61) due to Troi not knowing if he was a threat to Genet or not. Troi would later treat the injury and join him in his travels. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 131)
  • He loves eggs,(Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 124) and can easily eat food for 3 people if given a chance. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 127)
  • He has no interest in treasure. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 136)
  • While gathering firewood, he was attacked by 2 Fae and fell through the ceiling and into their home. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 147)
  • He's too heavy to stand on his tail or jump. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 151)
  • Siv's the kind of guy who will let someone pick on him as long as he's not hurting him, just because he doesn't want to hurt them,... but is quick to respond if they should try to hurt him or someone else with brute force. He'd prefer NOT to have to hurt another person, or thing, unless necessary. Of course, he can do massive damage to most people if he wanted to, but it's just not in him. He's not a whiny pacifist,... doesn't dwell on his differences, he's quite accepted them and is happy, although contemplative.
  • Has a very fuzzy long furred calico named Pooky