Skunk Cookies

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A confectionary introduced in the MARPG. A traditional fox dish served at parties, they are black cookies with a white stripe containing a jelly filling with a nonpermeable biodegradable membrane around it so it doesn't mix with the cookie when you bake it. All the cookies have that, and a juicy filling of some sort... be it apple, peach, or ground up breathsavers mixed with a gel. Far cheaper (on station) to use those than try to get the plants, grind them up adding water and letting them set until they gel. There tends to be a variety of flavors, although one cookie in the batch is a stinkbomb, though the only explosion will be if you bite hard and the stinky stuff goes all over you. The only reason it is refered to as a stinkbomb is that it acts like a stinkbomb IN SCENT when you puncture it, being pungent in scent and taste (though some just use a strong bitter taste without the scent) with no actual explosives.

Since the gel in the cookies are in a capsule, they won't be able to smell it. (They're bad about being able to smell things THROUGH things other than air and airy objects, such as fabrics, and it's concealed by the smell of the cookie.)