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A Soul Echo is a female Rishan genetic memory trait that allows the passing of memories in a way differing from the male genetic memory.

Among the males, genetic memory is passed on from fathers to sons. The genetic memory acts as a secondary voice of experience and history, and is much like a soul echo, except that genetic memory will always HELP the boys.

  • Male Rishans have genetic memory passed from father to son, with sometimes a little from the mother. While the girls get intuition and remarkable luck, males get daydreams and nightmares and feel the passions of their ancestors. (Legacy strip 11)

The Soul Echo can be a bit more vicious. It contains not only general memories, but remembers what it was like to be alive. Soul echoes are not always positive, and can provide the girls with a tool of ultimate vengeance. This is one of the reasons they do so well in the criminal circuit. If you kill a female Rishan, she will export a Soul Echo to haunt you and drive you insane... whereas, if they are old and dying, they will impart it as a gift of experience to loved ones.

  • A Soul Echo is nothing but memories. Rishan women have been rumored to drive men they are angry with insane by such transference. Positive Soul Echoes are rarely heard about. (AD Day 25, strip 144)

So far, the only known Soul Echo is that of Sicali Riane, a female Master Dice formerly owned by one of Trasik's brothers. At the end of her fatal battle with Lexx (during which he rolled and sprouted wings), she exported herself to his mind, and is currently keeping an eye on the corrupted code of his genetic memory.

  • She looked different than she had in life, her relay consciousness a reflection of her true appearance. (AD Day 20, strip 150)