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Short Biography


Stephen Ross
Human (altered)
blond hair cut short, initially no wings - but later blond ones, stands a few inches shorter than Sean
February 7, 1978 (No Angel, strip 8)
either 21 or 23
Student at Mars Academy


Identical Twin Brother 



  • Born as part of the North America Project. Released when his wings fell off at birth. (No Angel, strip 8)
  • Went to a public school while growing up. Played football there.
  • Spent between 6 and 10 years on Cyantia, when the AMIB started culling out those like Stephen and Sean. You might say, they're refugees and it's actually Darius who brought them there. He got involved while he was on Earth, through a mutual human friend, Bounty.
  • Stephen became suddenly involved when he found out he had a brother and got caught on a prior trip with Sean. They didn't do as much to Stephen... but his association with the Cyantians has put him in danger. Stephen also wasn't released by the AMIB initially
  • Stephen had wings, but they fell off at birth... he still had the 'anchor' for wings, but due to a lack of musculature since they were never used, they were compacted to such a degree that they were barely noticeable. (No Angel, strip 5) And now... due to the falling situation in No Angel, they were NEEDED and regrew, (No Angel, strip 142) though he lacks the skill and practice to use them well.
  • Although initially delighted with them, he may have a small future problem with his wings.


  • First appeared in Campus Safari giving a bath to Sapphire. (Campus Safari, strip 171)
  • Used to go home and visit his parents every other weekend, but can't lately due to increased AMIB activity. (Campus Safari, strip 238)
  • First appeared in No Angel as an infant in a flashback, (No Angel, strip 8) or at his current age confronting Sean about his time with Jules. (No Angel, strip 10)
  • His dorm room is number MT-08, which he shares with Sean, Marcus, and Twinky.
  • Learning to be an ambassador. (No Angel, strip 15)
  • Doesn't like his hair getting messed up.
  • Loves the Mounty dish Micr Ciar, (No Angel, strip 23) though it appears to be an acquired taste. (No Angel, strip 27)
  • Does not like eating Avisterian eggs. (No Angel, strip 27)
  • Has an extending stick he uses in combat. (No Angel, strip 52)
  • Not a picky eater... considers any food that's not moving edible. (Campus Safari, strip 225)
  • Stephen is a pathological liar/ has problems telling the truth. (No Angel, strip 62)
  • Has a habit of trying to form a relationship with every human girl he meets. He's jealous of the fact that girls seem attracted to Sean's wings... and annoyed Sean doesn't know how to take advantage of it. (No Angel, strip 69)
    • Is especially interested in Jules in that she just came from Earth, and might not have the 'moral drawbacks' of Alex, Chara, Eevi and Heath. (No Angel, strip 71)
  • Says in that he's 21, and has been off of Earth since he was 16, because of Sapphire. He had an argument with his mother, went out, and ended up on another world. He has been at Mars Academy for 5 years now. (No Angel, strip 70)(No Angel, strip 113)
  • Likes to cheat when playing in the Imaging Dome, using such tactics as trip-lines. (No Angel, strip 77) He also hates the rule forbidding him from shooting his own teammates. (No Angel, strip 78)
  • Appears to have the same energy manipulating abilities as Sean. (No Angel, strip 254, strip 265, strip 298)
  • In a past encounter with the AMIB, he and Sean managed to keep away from them for two weeks. Problem was that while they had to eat and sleep, the AMIB just brought in new agents to wear them down. (No Angel, strip 161)
  • His idea of 'roughing it' is a hotel without an indoor pool. (No Angel, strip 268)

  • Stephen had a mustache for a couple of weeks until someone asked him who was so cruel as to burn his whiskers off so short he couldn't use them... it was a cat of course."
  • He's very fashion conscious.
  • Stephen's had lots of waffles and pancakes. He misses them, with lots of syrup.


  • Likes to pull pranks. Stephen knows he can get away with it because what he's doing is essentially 'harmless' and he's best friends with Darius, who will bail him out of most any trouble. Well,.. until Rayne points out that Stephen's likely to get himself killed if he keeps it up.
  • Doesn't have a wrist communicator (No Angel, strip 34) because he would mimic people over the broadband and wind up getting them in trouble. He also did some patching of private conversations into the public channels of the main networks to cause other mischief. (No Angel, strip 35) (Though he still has a card pass to the transporter room for visiting his parents. (No Angel, strip 128))
    • Seems to also have the ability to splice into restricted video feeds. (No Angel, strip 50)
  • He's overly exuberant in his pranks and almost always gets caught.

Dating Habits

  • A bit promiscuous - may cause him problems later.
  • Even though it's probably something never shown or really fully made note of, Stephen was very promiscuous and those habits are hard to break. He's been turned down by every human woman he's run into who was raised on Cyantia, so he's been messing around with a few of the bunny and mice girls, the young dumb ones who think he's exotic and fascinating. He wouldn't consider any of the others since well.. the mounties have claws. It's not something that's probably shown very much indication of occurring because a first time reader would just see a 'furry' that is just an animal (that whole bestiality issue) and Syke'd rather not go there. It's a stigma for the Cyantians too Even though they are essentially human with a completely different upraising and appearance
  • Points at Stephen,.. the bunnies.. and the mice... someday, Syke's going to get an evil streak and teach Stephen a lesson... a very hard one