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Short Biography


Mostly golden with black face, black wings with yellow stripes, black tail with yellow tip, black arms and legs, black beak, yellow eyes, female


Asha, Niyht


  • Part of Great Mother's story of the first gryphons to come to their mountain. (Vas, strip 306)
  • They were newly mated and had flown until their wings were weary away from a crowded nesting place to find a cave to be a home for the clutch they would have next spring. (Vas, strip 309)
  • The lands they were from did not have a cold season like their new home, and they were unprepared, (Vas, strip 310) having never even seen snow before. (Vas, strip 311)
  • After surviving a harsh winter, having been reduced to eating nuts, roots, and carrion, only one viable egg was laid. (Vas, strip 318)
  • Though she knew the last egg would probably not hatch, and if it did the chick would be too weak too survive, she did not want to abandon it. (Vas, strip 319)
  • The Creator approached Nightwing away from the den, stating the egg would hatch, (Vas, strip 321) and inside the den, it did, which worried Stormclaw for hatched too soon. (Vas, strip 322) It worried her even more when two (a black chick and a white one) hatched from the single egg. (Vas, strip 323)
  • She is named more for the lethal use of her claws than her color.
  • Her coloration is based on an oriole's.
  • They left their previous clan in part because it was growing crowded, but also because their chicks would be closely watched by the others of the clan and have their positions in the clan severely limited or even chosen for them because their parents were of different subspecies.