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Short Biography


Akaelae, Syrys
Wolf (Genetic Elite)
634 chronological years old (Akaelae) (was 229 in Danie)
At 7'6" he looks like a fully grown version of Darius, save for having heterochromia (i.e. odd-colored eyes). The left eye is blue and the right one is yellow. His skin is deep black and his white fur is extra shiny.
Instructor in Akaelae and Campus Safari


Alpha (father)

Darius (nephew)

Taria (sister)

Sirene (twin sister)


In his earlier life during an event called the Ridge Wars, he nearly had a love affair with the Gold vixen, Danie. It was during this time that the both of them were captured by the Fox, where he would be placed into suspended animation for four hundred years, only to be awaken afterwards by Ceigan in Puppet Strings. Syrys would help Chatin, Cilke, Cisco, Collin, and Quinn escape the Fox facility. But was forced to leave Cisco behind when he injured himself, (Syrys was weakened from the cryogenics, already carrying the two Sirac cubs and could not carry a third cub. They were in danger and he would not risk all of them for one cub, even if it were his own. Although he did have the Mounties go back and search for him, with no luck).

After being rescued by the Mounties, he is reunited with his father. Only to be saddened by the revelation that Danie was still missing.


  • He likes to dress in fancier clothes because he is a little vain over his athletic physique.
  • He is a very, very soft-hearted Wolf. He is well-known for his refusal to hurt cubs.
  • He seems very mentally withdrawn, and rarely do his emotions register physically. He always appears calm and collected.
  • In Campus Safari, Cilke is in love with him, but he does not wish to further their relationship - in part due to her being an Akaelae on paper. (Campus Safari, strip 276)
  • Syrys is considered a war demon by the Fox in their stories about him, often seen on a blood red war horse.

  • He was captured by the Fox during the Ridge Wars, and after interrogation was placed in cryostasis and sent to Exotica Genoworks for study. Unfortunately, they never had the resources to revive and contain him, so he remained frozen for 400 years - at least until Ceigan came up with a plan on using him against the Fox Military who were overstepping their bounds. (Genoworks Saga, strip 29)
  • First appeared in Genoworks Saga waking up from Cryostasis. (Genoworks Saga, strip 57)

  • In his first Akaelae appearance he's teaching a class of koyotis at Akaelae Towers. (Akaelae, strip 184)
  • He was upset that Darius brought strangers to the upper level without notifying him, (Akaelae, strip 188) but was startled when he introduced a black fox. (Akaelae, strip 189)
  • He fought Rama Tibal when he continued to court his sister Sirene despite Alpha's disapproval, and ended their relationship. Rama never forgave him for it. (Akaelae, strip 266)
  • He is teaching a class of young koyoti, including one named Kors. He seems to be friends with an older Koyoti named Ari who is watching the class.
  • Vin reminds him of Raire, whom he misses, along with others. When he asks Alpha when can he go look for them, Alpha says they would return if they wanted to be found, and they need to concentrate on the current generation now. (Akaelae, strip 273)
  • Does not believe that Darrik knows nothing of the abilities of the black fox, and that none of his family on Earth have them. (Akaelae, strip 334)
  • Alpha had plans for Syrys to replace him on the Council, but first he must show he is not the same brash young cub he once was. (Akaelae, strip 456)

  • In his first Darius appearance he's calling Lucas back inside for breakfast. (Darius, strip 24)
  • When he was a cub he received a stick for his birthday. (Darius, strip 43) He had a LOT of fun with it. (Darius, strip 44)
  • He would take a special interest in Riven Valdor after rescuing the cubs from Rama's compound, deciding to take him home with him. (Darius, strip 314)

  • In his first Sink or Swim appearance is in a flashback, where he is releasing Zax Akaelae from his shackles after the Teraplex War, and telling Cere that he deserves a second chance. (Sink or Swim, strip 211)

  • His first Campus Safari appearance involved Cilke enthusiastically greeting him when he complimented her maneuvering with her Lift. (Campus Safari, strip 275)