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Short Biography


Scythetail (modified - part Whip)
Yellow, blue eyes, a row of brown dots (made of metal) down the center of her forehead, leathery wings, tail scythe (may be dull)


Vas Arc

  • Taun is a hybrid of Acid Whip and Scythetail, possessing the wings and ability to spit acidic fire of a whip, and the size and tail of a scythetail.
  • Her scent is that of a scythetail. (Vas, strip 91)
  • She has the ability to speak in many languages.. including Newcomer. (Vas, strip 89) She can also read Newcomer writings - Noel taught her how. (Vas, strip 176)
  • Was genetically modified by the newcomers
  • Friends with Noel, lived with him for almost 3 years, (Vas, strip 123) very protective of him (Vas, strip 113)
  • She first spotted Vas as he flew away from some Scythetails - the fact that he was a chick traveling alone drew her interest. (Vas, strip 74)
  • Makes light of the fact that Loani calls her a dumb animal. (Vas, strip 78)
  • She likes milk. (Vas, strip 100)
  • Befriended Vas
  • Very good at playing games (Vas, strip 127) - especially those involving throwing snow. (Vas, strip 139)
  • Scar on left foreleg from an injury she received before coming to Noel's. (Vas, strip 125)
  • Possessed a fur coat made for her by Noai. Enjoyed its warmth, (Vas, strip 169) but not being laughed at for how she looked wearing it. (Vas, strip 168) The fur was sheared from the dog sheep they raise, though of not as good a quality as that from the black and white furred ones.
  • Felt guilty when Vas ran away after she put down his lack of hunting skills and followed him. (Vas, strip 238) She has decided to travel with him until he returns to his father. (Vas, strip 265)
  • Was shocked when Vas pointed out that she didn't return to the wild once her injury had healed, and that she probably never would have... it is a subject she seems to need to contemplate. (Vas, strip 263)
  • Has the ability to detect Shivae who are Running Cold. (Vas, strip 274)
  • Although quick to point out she's not a Whip, (Vas, strip 289) she's not really sure what she is. She never knew her parents, knowing only Newcomers. (Vas, strip 292)
    • All she was told was that she was a Scythetail gifted with wings. (Vas, strip 386)
  • The Elders would take an interest in what species she was while she was in the Sanctum, (Vas, strip 408) and would invite her to return when she was ready and they had figured it out. (Vas, strip 409) Taun considered the information might be important if she ever desired a mate. (Vas, strip 411)

  • Shares limited telepathy with Dior. (Vas, strip 152, strip 155)
  • Actively pursued by Lord Dior, (Vas, strip 154) although she did not want to be with him. (Vas, strip 155) Would later live as part of Lord Dior's clan.

Cler Arc

  • Taun is the third of Dior's mates and while created off a similar pattern, she lacks the full size of an acid whip. She is not a willing mate to Dior.
  • Lost some of her eggs to a cull, and all but one when Flar stepped on them (Cler, strip 125)
  • When the Gurdan attacked the Scythetail den, she did not want to leave with the others. She had not wanted to come there with them, and had not wanted to clutch, but since she had, she wanted to remain with her egg. (Cler, strip 129)
  • Was forced to abandon her last egg when Flar and Frag smashed her egg to try and force her to save their eggs, (Cler, strip 130) and refused to allow her to save her own egg until theirs were safe, even if her own died in the meantime. (Cler, strip 131) Thinking her own chick to be dead as a result, she took their eggs and dropped them from a great height in revenge (Cler, strip 134)
  • Her chick was rescued and adopted by Duske,(Cler, strip 139) and given the name Zaya.
  • She is the mother of all winged scythetails, because she is the first.