The Rift

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Shira Lexx
Class B starship (AD Day 6, strip 11)
60 feet high, 100 feet long, 50 feet wide

The ship itself is meant to be manned by 4 to 6 crew, but has been modified so that it only needs one. It's refurbished and not in the best of shape, but it gets him where he needs to go and serves well as a home of sorts.

It has shielding which protects it from being detected by radar, and absolutely no weaponry. It basically has a VERY powerful force-field to keep attackers away *and trust me, they won't bother with this ship since it probably won't have anything good on it* until help arrives. Also has a powerful communications system. The ship itself doesn't need speed, Lexx can teleport anywhere on the planet from orbit using his Door. It does have defensive capabilities, but nothing offensive. The ship doesn't have air locks or ports because they are unnecessary. There's next to no security on The Rift. The ship's worthless. It's only good as a transportation vehicle and it cannot be landed on a planet. It was built in space and is only for space travel.

It has an advanced cloaking mechanism which hides it from sight when necessary in orbit. Most of the time it's parked on the far side of the moon. Damian's ship and Claudia's Ship are also 'hiding' there. (AD Day 17, strip 18)

The computers on the Rift are voice controlled for the most part, which is why Zeta can use them... and he does if Lexx's not watching him.

The computer is called ADIS. It stands for Alien Dice Information System. It's wired directly into the ship - every aspect of it, and every sensor makes sure that everything is done by the rules. It also tells information about the Dice that can sometimes be useful. (AD, Day 1, strip 41)

The central sphere is nothing more than a biosphere for containing the Dice. Much healthier that way for them. It is reinforced with a special internal force-shield just in case the Dice get into a fight. He does have some that could penetrate it at high levels, but most are smart enough to obey that rule.

The Rift is made for utility, not comfort, and is not very large either, he can only have a small number of the Dice free at one time,.. otherwise he'd be tripping over them quite often, and comprises 5 sections: (AD, Day 5, strip 1)

The top layer hold the Living Area (containing a partitioned food preparation area along with eating and relaxation ares - the largest section) and the Sleeping Quarters (set up for four, along with a cleaning room). The kitchen was more of a small cubby, out of sight of the living area. Several lockers fixed into the walls kept varying degrees of temperature for food storage and a few enclosed shelves. There is also a hotplate for cooking on. (AD, Day 3, strip 1)

The biosphere was barely a quarter the size of the living area, half full of water with an ‘island’ of sorts of dry land and earth. There was a little bit of foliage inside that Lexx had himself picked out and tended from seedlings over the years. It was a relaxing place to be when one didn’t want to be bothered, although,.. its actual intent was merely a place to keep Dice to let them stretch their legs or swim. Keeping a Dice in dice form for too long tended to make their bodies atrophy. Lexx preferred letting them free all the time, but the ship was too small to let them all out at once. This area kept the larger ones out of the way and there were quite a few dice that were bigger than Lexx was. An ornately decorated glass and metal door separates the small corridor from the biosphere, a mesh of wire added for decoration along the walls over the lights as well. The only way to the small island was to walk across a narrow foot wide plank or to swim.

The third area was situated around the biosphere, a semicircle that held the circuitry for ADIS, storage and the ‘Door’ that could take Lexx anywhere on Earth.

The final area of the ship was the navigation room on the upper deck behind a set of blue doors

In the lower deck the walls have the appearance of glass, with several structures set into the wall that resembled closed up bookcases, making the walls almost appear seamless and leaving little to obstruct the hall. There was nothing in the way of furniture, no decoration of any kind. Even the lighting is spartan, running lights that threaded throughout the floor and ceiling to give an even atmosphere. The water in the biosphere causes a very slight fluctuation in the lighting, casting an almost soothing array of reflections against the dark walls. The covering panel of the 'bookcases' slide away to reveal several odd tools and a display rack. (AD, Day 1, strip 40)

The lower deck is connected to the upper by a lift, which looks like and open doorway into a tiny room. It operates just like an elevator, only the door doesn't close on it. While in transit one sees nothing but a smooth gold wall where the door had been. Until the next opening. The lift lets out into a large room. Like the lower deck, it is spartan, but much bigger. Along one wall, there's a comfortable looking couch like seat, a small table at one end with metal plates resting on it and bookcases, sealed. The room itself was divided. The blue doors are visible from there. To one side, there's a bar that divided the room from an area that looked somewhat like a kitchen. At the back of the living area, there was another set of doors that are kept closed. This room also has a viewer, which appears as a transparent sphere appearing out of nowhere, floating in the middle of the room, the color altering at the rims. It darkens and the image of what they're watching appears. (AD, Day 1, strip 41)

The living area leads to a room that was obviously a bedroom. There were four bunks fit directly into the walls. The two lowest were actually beds, but only one was made up for sleeping with meticulous care. Judging by the oval shape in the center, Zeta probably used it more than Lexx did. The two highest bunks had been converted to bookshelves of a type. The books were of all different shapes and sizes and a few that were facing out had covers that seemed to shift and change as one looked at them. To one side, there was a pair of dressers and a shallow closet. On another was a desk with several items on it. One of which, was a flat blue plate with black buttons and a black screen which resembles an Etch-a-sketch, which is Lexx's family album. (AD, Day 1, strip 43)

Space is limited on his ship. Once he gets several Dice and it begins to get crowded, he has to start rotating them in stasis or they start fighting. (AD Day 10, strip 41)

There are cameras everywhere to facilitate viewers watching his game. Although initially it did not include full audio, his ship was later 'upgraded' to have audio at all times. (AD Day 11, strip 38)