The Rift

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Shira Lexx
Class B starship
60 feet high, 100 feet long, 50 feet wide

The ship itself is meant to be manned by 4 to 6 crew, but has been modified so that it only needs one. It's refurbished and not in the best of shape, but it gets him where he needs to go and serves well as a home of sorts.

It has shielding which protects it from being detected by radar, and absolutely no weaponry. It basically has a VERY powerful forcefield to keep attackers away *and trust me, they won't bother with this ship since it probably won't have anything good on it* until help arrives. Also has a powerful communications system. The ship itself doesn't need speed, Lexx can teleport anywhere on the planet from orbit using his Door. It does have defensive capabilities, but nothing offensive. The ship doesn't have air locks or ports because they are unnecessary. There's next to no security on The Rift. The ship's worthless. It's only good as a transportation vehicle and it cannot be landed on a planet. It was built in space and is only for space travel.

The computers on the Rift are voice controlled for the most part, which is why Zeta can use them... and he does if Lexx's not watching him.

The central sphere is nothing more than a biosphere for containing the dice. Much healthier that way for them. It is reinforced with a special internal forceshield just in case the dice get into a fight. He does have some that could penetrate it at high levels, but most are smart enough to obey that rule.

The Rift is made for utility, not comfort, and is not very large either, he can only have a small number of the dice free at one time,.. otherwise he'd be tripping over them quite often, and comprises 5 sections:

The top layer hold the Living Area (containing a partitioned food preparation area along with eating and relaxation ares - the largest section) and the Sleeping Quarters (set up for four, along with a cleaning room).

There's also the Biosphere (1/4 the size of the living area, it's 1/2 full of water with an 'island' of dry land containing small amounts of foliage selected and tended by Lexx), with a semicircle around the biosphere holding the circuitry for ADIS (Alien Dice Information System), storage, and the 'Door'

On the upper deck behind a set of blue doors is Navigation.