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Aka. Syke. Is the creator of all Shivae Studios comics.


This is a biography which is available at Nice. It was most likely written at fall 2001 or early 2002.

Tiffany Ross of Shivae Studios and Alien Dice

Hello! Most people know me by Syke or my real name, Tiffany Ross. I'm 25 years old and have been married for two years to this strange guy I met on the Internet. He's still strange. I work full time as a Billing Administrator for Xerox. *I'm supposed to solve problems and after three months of training... I think I can do that.* I attended West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX for a short time hoping to get a degree in computer animation.. only they didn't offer the course and I was put into Graphic Design. I spent two years there, where I completely and totally burned out after two semesters and kept on going for a year afterward. I didn't pick up a pencil for a good two years after that. *I have since, taken a few more courses at Frank Phillips College in Borger, TX, where I was born on March 10, 1976. I absolutely hate that area of TX and will not go there unless necessary.. and my family lives there. I currently live in Lewisville TX, with my husband, his dog, Kitsune *She's a spitz dalmation mix* and my vicious cat, Merle.

I have been drawing and writing for as long as I could read, starting with a fanfic when I was probably 11 or so based on Thundercats. I vaguely remember reciting the story to my stepsisters,...which is actually how it all started. Darius Akaelae was my first character,... who found himself running across the bottom of an old book chasing a rabbit when I was 7 or 8. *I was trying to create a flipbook and doodled on the pages of an old novel, thereby.. destroying it, but it was NEAT!* Darius didn't get a name until many years later, when I hit the whole writing thing and then..I wrote... and wrote... for years, tons of stories about a place called Cyantia. The majority of those old stories have not even been converted to comics.. yet. I intend to begin on that this January.

Currently, I do a variety of strips with Alien Dice and No Angel being my favorites. Alien Dice was created upon a moment's inspiration with my husband near the beginning of March 2001... and then it literally wrote itself. Despite the appearance of the game of Alien Dice, it was not based on Pokemon or any other such game... it was centered on a conversation about the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. I was wondering why no-one had EVER come up with a game where everytime you have to make a decision, you have to roll a dice. :)

No Angel, ... is kind of like a pet strip. I love the character of Sean, the boy with wings, only he's not a boy anymore. I had originally created him in the early 90s. I forget why,..

Satin & Silk was my first strip. I began it because I wanted to improve my art and it... has grown from there with many fans who ... want more skunks CONSTANTLY. I didn't even really think much of skunks prior to creating them, but I've grown to like them... and add to them. Cisco and Twinky are my current favorites in it.

Campus Safari was the one that Satin & Silk was supposed to become and centers more around the Mars Academy and the instructors who teach there, specifically, the reluctant headmaster, Darius Akaelae.

Cesilee's Diary originally began as a filler strip, but by popular demand, I'm still maintaining it and now making it the official mascot of the Mars Academy RPG, where the players get to submit strips. It has been renamed to Academy Diaries.

Then.. there's Shivae! Another of my pet strips. It was my first color strip, centering around the creatures of Cyantia that were displaced when the Cyantians featured in my other stories arrived. Gryphons, Unicorns, the dinosaurlike Shivae and many other creatures inhabit this world.

Sink or Swim was the second strip I began work on.. because I LOVE kangaroos. It was originally titled Rebound & Mako, until I decided I wanted to expand upon it. Currently, I write the scripts and the artist Spike does the strips, which I muchly appreciate!

Altered States is on hiatus, but deserves a mention. It's centered on a short story I wrote for Anthrolations,.. a much more serious story than I usually do and more mature in subject matter.

All of those strips combined.. make up what I call GNIPs, Graphic Novels in Progress. You just get them in little 'nips' ;). And that.. is all, until I start NEW comic strips.. which I am trying to restrain from, although I have half a dozen waiting to cycle into the lineup.