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Short Biography


Full name 
Tira Wrashoen
White Fox
Princess of Mirok (Fox territory), (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 44) Mounty Princess
White with black hands, black feet, black tip of tail, black triangular/diamond marking between eyes, eyes kept shut due to being blinded (would be soft brown otherwise)
Head of the Academy Space Program


Kime Wrashoen (deceased)
Tair Wrashoen (deceased)
Silver, Brix, Alex


Young Tira.jpg

A white elite fox, betrothed to Prince Kiet (Caite Medici). She was smuggled to Mounty territory during Gralen Cragg Hall by Dittm during an attack which killed both her parents. She's at the Academy to help promote unity among her race and with others. She's also one of two technomage instructors, along with Zimae. Tira was implanted at birth with the technomage control chip so it would be properly synced to her mind, in a similar process to the Elite chips used to control their armored suits.

The loss of her sight occurred when the government brought in bounty hunters while she was stranded on Earth, one of which was a female bounty hunter named Ebony. During a scuffle with her, Tira is hit in the face with a blinding gas that's meant to blind temporarily. Unfortunately, that's what it does to humans - to Cyantians it blinds them permanently, or at least until new eyes can be grown to replace them and she's still waiting on them (it's been eight years).

She can see through Spectre (a technofamiliar she inherited from her mother), but you also have to account for the time she spent on Earth up until her return to Cyantia, which would be several years (at least 4), plus, she's just been putting it off. *Pluuus, the Wolves who are doing it don't want to rush the eyes too much due to a lack of genetic data on white elite.


  • She first appeared in Gralen Cragg Hall as a toddler being betrothed to Caite Medici (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 2)
  • After their ship was shot down and her parents killed, Spectre and Dittm managed to get her to safety in Mounty lands. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 40)
  • Was the only known white fox (Caite being hidden as a red) known to survive the purge. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 63)
  • First appeared in Akaelae greeting Darrik at Gralen Cragg Hall. (Akaelae, strip 509)
  • She really wants a pet Gryphon or Shivae (Akaelae, strip 523) because they have soft fur and feathers, unlike her technofamiliar. (Akaelae, strip 524)
  • She may have developed a fondness for Darrik. (Akaelae, strip 668)
  • She's six months older than Silver.
  • She's the good girl in the Tira/Silver/Brix trio.
  • First appeared in No Angel sitting on Sapphire and talking to Stephen, admonishing him that she can hear well even though she's blind. (No Angel, strip 68)
  • Stephen suggests she has a relationship with Prince Kiet (No Angel, strip 70)
  • She considers Stephen a good friend, but she doesn't like his attitude about women. (No Angel, strip 72)

The Underground

  • She stands 5'6", her fur is dyed dark red, her hair is dyed multicolor in rainbow colors, claims to be a gutter fox if asked.
  • Leader of the group.
  • Spent her youth with the Mounty, where she learned about caring for Shivae, but also lived among the Wolf for awhile, where she learned a little English.
  • Also spent some time living on the streets of Vixinte, where she picked up some skill at picking locks.
  • Likes to use a long, curving sword.
  • Grew up with Silver and a whip rider (probably Alex)