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Captain of Prime

Torin was the one who piloted Riley's ship to Earth. She had been a childhood friend of Riley's and despite her missing right arm and deformed chest, was a very capable captain. It was a birth defect that robbed her of any way to serve on an official ship, but to Riley, she was invaluable. (AD Day 19, strip 74)

She was also the one who discovered Maenae on the shipping docks of their last checkpoint before arriving, and brought her with them. (AD Day 19, strip 74) Riley would turn over the care of her to Torin, which she accepted happily because she likes kids. (AD Day 19, strip 75)

Riley felt the job may end up being torturous for her eventually though, since she couldn't have children of her own due to no Littan male wanting to have someone with a birth defect as a mate. It unsure if her defects were completely genetic, but Torin never seemed to give it a second thought. She was happy. (AD Day 19, strip 75)

Had recognized Maenae after she had escaped from school, and picked her up. (AD Day 21, strip 83)