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Trasik Lanier
Kade Lanier
Riley, Biste, Fily, Mauki, Domic, Tairil, + 1 more brother
Childhood Name 
Primary Dice 
Other Dice 
Ivie, Jakom, Labac, Keili

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Trasik is the only female in her family, and quite spoiled. She's pale with thick blonde hair and brown eyes.

Birthmates with Domic and Tairil - they are her favorite brothers. (AD Day 20, strip 9)

In all she has 7 brothers, and they all play. (AD Day 8, strip 24)

Does not get along with Mauki after she killed his favorite Dice (and feels no remorse since she felt she taught him a lesson about getting attached to your Dice). He hasn't spoken to her in years. (AD Day 20, strip 11)

Trasik is Lexx's greatest enemy. She seems to have a particular hatred of him due to their past,... in which she's always been the bully and him the victim. Her only losses have been to him, and she can't forgive that.

Not the most pleasant of aliens and a Littan who quite enjoys the taste of blood,... preferably human or Rishan. Falling into her hands would not be a good thing for Lexx and unfortunately, she has come up with various ways to force him to battle her and her family.

On Day 16 she was in a bar in the closest away station in the middle of an elaborate party,... complete with some very lascivious activities. Riley kept that viewscreen window the smallest (since he was keeping track of her activities). He wasn't interested in his older sister's debauchery. He hoped their parents were watching. There would be some strong words from father and mother about how badly her actions reflected on their good family name. (AD Day 16, strip 19)

All of her dice will fight to the death rather than lose and get punished, and she has no problem with pushing her dice too far or accidentally killing them. She has fought Lexx twice before, and lost both times - the first time she underestimated him, the second she almost killed him but he managed to win (though he had to kill her Dice because she refused to recall it no matter how severely injured it was). (AD Day 6, strip 26)

  • Trasik's Dice knew better than to speak without being asked to speak. For the most part, they lived life as mere animals, only conversing amongst themselves. (AD Day 24, strip 10)
  • Very rarely touches her Dice. Min was eager to do as she asked, since there were rewards for doing as the mistress asked and they were always good ones. (AD Day 24, strip 11)

She is very good at the Game, and her losses to Lexx were the only ones on her record. (AD Day 6, strip 27)

All of her dice are poisonous or nasty except for Tacione. (AD Day 7, strip 14)

She made plans with Domic and Tairil (who claimed Mauki was in on the plan as well) to challenge Lexx one after the other once the time limits expire to slow him down. She considered the fact that she would have to let them use Lexx a couple of times in return a small sacrifice she was willing to make. (AD Day 20, strip 10)

She has been told by her father to leave Lexx alone, but she hasn't listened. (AD Day 21, strip 35)

  • Her parents know of her activities and are not happy, but being the only girl child in their family, she gets special privileges. (AD Day 24, strip 53)

She would later crash the party Damian was throwing for Lexx, and demand that since she couldn't challenge him, he needed to challenge her in front of all the witnesses, and she would promise if he won to leave Earth immediately afterward and never come back, nor touch a hair on his human toy's head. (AD Day 21, strip 157) When he refused, she said if he didn't she would start an inquiry that he broke a rule by playing on his world of origin, and though he wasn't born on Earth, the rule was open to interpretation and she was sure the council would back her and reset his game, so he agreed and challenged her. (AD Day 21, strip 158) Lexx would win against her again. (AD Day 21, strip 168)

  • She is intent on winning a battle with Lexx, and likes how she can intimidate him.
  • Considers Humans to be rejects and beneath her level. (AD Day 6, strip 39)
  • Doesn't like her 'guests' to arrive at her home conscious. (AD Day 24, strip 4)
    • Told Chel that she did not kidnap her. That was handled by someone with far more devious contacts than she would ever have access to. She was just told to expect a special gift with her recent acquisitions. She also mentioned she wasn't keeping Chel there and that she was free to leave on her own... knowing Chel had no means to leave. (AD Day 24, strip 64)
    • When Lexx arrived to challenge her for her freedom, she would use a rule to send two Dice after him, and win the battle. Chel would respond by grabbing a nearby spear and skewer her. (AD Day 24, strip 109) In response her eyes would glow and she would attempt to stab Chel, (AD Day 24, strip 112) though by its effect on him, Lexx may have been the real target. (AD Day 24, strip 114)
    • Riley would notice that the body was not that of his sister, and wonder where his real sister was. (AD Day 24, strip 115) It was actually a Mimic posing as his sister. (AD Day 24, strip 135)
      • Though Riley managed to save the Mimic's body before it fully deteriorated as proof of the ADC's involvement, Kade would comment that meant they would probably only get the real Trasik back in exchange for the real evidence of the ADC trying to kill a player. (AD Day 24, strip 136)
      • And the ADC did have her. First commented that she tried to bite him when Andisel asked if she was open to planning. They would offer to exchange her to her family for the Mimic, with the plans to destroy it and release the story as a sidebar to Lexx's feed, 'a Mimic from an unknown source attempted to capture Lexx and replace Trasik, but due to interference was found out, no charges are being filed.' (AD Day 25, strip 41)
    • Before these events had occurred, her father had talked to her and informed her if she didn't stop her foolishness, he would disown her. She laughed it off until her mother told her the same thing. On the day of the battle she was supposed to resign from the game and meet her future husband, but never showed up. (AD Day 24, strip 133) She had agreed to the marriage, and was even happy with who was selected. (AD Day 24, strip 134)

As a child she had normally been a polite little girl, but seeing her father spending time with Shira Lessa changed her demeanor from smiles to baring her fangs whenever she thought Lessa wasn't looking. (AD Day 24, strip 41)

  • First Appeared in AD Day 6, strip 24