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Short Biography


Triv of Nuruu Clan
Red male with black stripes and snout, winged


Vas, Riva, Kie, and Ede


  • A very handsome male by Shivae standards.
  • Is barely an adult.
  • Did not get to raise a clutch of chicks with Kride's clan as a learning experience due to the age of her parents.
  • Triv is the father of Riva and Vas. His mate and other chicks were killed by newcomers, so now he has been left alone with the only two chicks he's ever fathered and he's already lost one of them...
  • At two seasons of age, his chicks depend on him for everything.
  • Though he has difficulty remembering their songs and was not as good at telling them as Kride, (Vas, strip 14) he remembers the old stories passed from mouth to mouth well. (Vas, strip 38)
  • Currently looking for Vas.
  • The way of the Shivae, at least for Triv's clans for generations was if there was a misunderstanding, do what you could to resolve it and not fight. (Vas, strip 13)
  • Triv had been angry and wanted to go after the newcomers who had taken his mate and two other chicks. He would have killed them if it were not for the fact that he had two chicks to protect. He could not risk their lives. They no longer had a mother and losing their father would mean certain death. (Vas, text to strip 13)
  • Traveling to the mountains to escape the newcomers with Vas and Riva after his mate and wingless chicks were killed by them, (Vas, strip 17) since the Diggers have told him that the further they go, crossing the mountains and following the sightless river, the fewer newcomers there are. (Vas, strip 51)
  • Traveling only with Riva after Vas got separated from them during a fire (Vas, strip 56)
  • Hopes that Vas catches up to them if he's still alive (Vas, strip 116)
  • Calls out if anyone has seen Vas (Morning striped Shivae chick) at dawn and dusk (Vas, strip 115)
  • In his travels he would come across an emaciated Eluri and her younger siblings. (Vas, strip 359) He would share his kill with them, (Vas, strip 371) and take on the task of bringing them back to health. (Vas, strip 375)
    • He would take an interest in settling down with her, noting it was an area with much game and no other Shivae around... as well as displaying a fondness for Eluri. (Vas, strip 416)