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Troi Mathias
Male, Dark green eyes, black hair with pink sheen (looks fuchsia), white/very pale skin, left-handed, very long ears with lots of earrings
Elven Ranger

  • Troi's a nutcase. He's also a bit of anomaly among elves when they're supposed to be foresty type people... he just doesn't get along with anything that's nature. His skin's so pale he sunburns easily, he's a bit clumsy, if there's something poisonous around he'll find it... and probably have already eaten it, laid in it or used it for toilet paper, plus, he has no navigational sense whatsoever... but his skills with a bow are unparalleled and he has a nice Quiver of Never-ending Arrows
  • Troi's personality is indescribable, Troi's just weird.
  • He likes to hear himself talk.
  • He has some grace and can easily traverse rocky terrain or cross a narrow bridge in a thunderstorm without difficulty, but can't cross a door's threshold or a tile floor without tripping.[1] Difficult is easy, and easy is impossible for him.
  • He first appeared in the woods while Sivine and Genet camped. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 19) He later saw and followed the Hounds to see what they were hunting. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 54)
  • Shot the Hounds pursuing Sivine and Genet when he first met them, (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 60) then shot Sivine with an arrow just in case he was a monster too. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 64) His arrows are treated with a substance to knock the target out even if a serious blow isn't dealt. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 145)
  • Has some skill with healing, and treated Sivine's arrow wound afterwards. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 130)
  • Owns a glow rod (flashlight) - a rare item usually owned by mages. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 68)
  • Seems to have developed an instant liking for Genet, and his teasing method of flirting drives her to rage.
  • Has joined Sivine's party. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 131)