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Short Biography


Lewis, Clive S.
Hybrid (Wereskunk)
(In Human form)=5'11", Caucasian, long white hair, blue eyes. Usually wears glasses. He has three other striped skunk forms=a typical four-legged animal, an anthropomorphic one, and a Hulk-sized anthropomorphic one.
Appeared in 
Campus Safari and No Angel
Student on Earth and the Intranet SysOp, future Technomage student


Quill, Needles, Velour (in Satin and Silk)



He was found in the wilderness and adopted by a couple. It was clear from the onset that he was not a normal child in that he was unusually hairy and believed to have hypertrichosis (extreme hairiness). His hair would also grow abnormally fast and had to be cut daily. More to the point, he also had a skunk tail that he had to hide and hated going out in public to get clothes fitted.

All throughout his school years, he was the victim of bullying and was glad to have finally graduated. Then in college, he met Velour. She soon took a shine to him and he noticed this. She took him back to her dorm room and forced him to reveal his skunk tail to her. Then she revealed to him that she was a Werecreature and so was he. To prove this, she turned into a Wereferret before him and taught him how to control his form through simple concentration. Twinky tried this and was amazed to find that his hairiness suddenly vanished. They ended up becoming intimate that night. From that point on, she held an invisible leash upon him.

It was at that same college that Marcus and Jules were attending and he would meet them sometimes. That is also where he would meet Chatin and Cilke in his four-legged skunk form and was immediately smitten by them, especially Chatin, (Campus Safari, strip 38) so would continue to sneak in to see them again. (Campus Safari, strip 48) Velour would discover this and show her displeasure by showing up at Marcus and Jules' dorm with Needles and Quill to threaten the Cyantian Skunks. It would be revealed that Twinky had electronic controls over them to get them under Velour's power. (Campus Safari, strip 77) Back at their hideout, Saige shows up and injures Twinky. (Campus Safari, strip 81) This would prove to be the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back for him and he flees to Jules' room in his four-legged skunk form. (Campus Safari, strip 82) He would end up accompanying them to the Mars Academy. (Campus Safari, strip 117)

On the way to the Mars Academy, they would be captured by Parot and he would be with Chatin and Cilke when they were prisoner. Twinky would prove to be instrumental in their escape. (Campus Safari, strip 148)

At the Mars Academy, Twinky would foil an assassination attempt upon Chatin by Collin in his Hulk-sized skunk form, (Campus Safari, strip 188) but end up getting arrested for the attack. (Campus Safari, strip 191) Darius would end up learning the truth, and introduce him to others as a new student named Clive (while urging Tamera not to let out he smells human), (Campus Safari, strip 212) and have him fitted with a light lift. Unfortunately it doesn't expand quite enough for him to use his T4 form effectively. (Campus Safari, strip 288) It would help protect him from the invading Martian wildlife, and even from being stepped on by one of the Xaibars,(Campus Safari, strip 308) but could not survive itself. (Campus Safari, strip 315) (It would later be revealed that the Lift was not only for protection, but to monitor his vitals to see how he was able to knock out Collin so easily. (Campus Safari, strip 373)) Chatin would be there and had known all along about him, but chose not to reveal it at the time. (Campus Safari, strip 381) Later on, Cilke would learn the truth about Twinky, thanks to Dallas, (Campus Safari, strip 356) and get very angry with him (in part because he was once in the bathroom while she was showering (accidentally)). (Campus Safari, strip 358, strip 384))

Darius would meet with Twinky one more time to tell him about the Cil (apparently he's had a bad experience with them before)(Campus Safari, strip 370) and get him to convince the other Hybrid left to come to the Mars Academy. (Campus Safari, strip 374) Later on, he would have a run-in with Collin and Cisco 'encouraging' him not to pursue Chatin. (Campus Safari, strip 388, strip 390) Heath would help him select clothes (Campus Safari, strip 432) and take him for a haircut. (Campus Safari, strip 466) After a misadventure with Marcus in a closet to avoid the wrath of Tizzy, he would go back to Earth on a shuttle piloted by Chatin to go and find the other Weres. It is yet to be revealed of his success.

Afterwards Zimae would have him in an intense crash course on Technomagery, involving understanding and controlling his abilities, that left him with not even enough time to say 'hi' to Chatin. He would try to make up for it by asking her out to a concert. (Campus Safari, strip 665)


Known characteristics

  • He got the nickname, Twinky from his mother because she thought he looked like a Hostess Twinky when he was a baby and it is his favorite snack food.
  • The years of having to endure bullying has left him terminally shy and timid with very low-self esteem.
  • He is weak-willed and easily led around, especially by a pretty woman. As Velour would most likely concur.
  • He is very near-sighted and needs glasses. (Campus Safari, strip 364) Although that might not be necessary if he understood his potential.
  • Hates shopping because it involved going out in public, and when he was a kid people stared at him. (Campus Safari, strip 432)
  • Does not consider himself very brave. (Campus Safari, strip 374)

Known traits and abilities

  • Other than the four forms that he can change to (the Hulk one if he is under extreme agitation), that is all that he seems to be capable of. In reality, he can do anything that the Cil can do (and the Cil can do a lot). So the full extent of his abilities are currently unknown.
  • He is exceptionally good with electronics and shows this from having created electronic controls to control Needles and Quill.


  • Appeared first in Satin and Silk/Campus Safari comic strip in normal 4-footed skunk form eating Twinkies in Jules and Marcus' dorm until picked up by Chatin. (Campus Safari, strip 38)
  • His campus intranet nickname was SysOp TWK1 - he was a system operator. (Campus Safari, strip 59) He apparently liked to do the job in anthro-skunk form.
  • As a temporary solution from Darius to hide Twinky's real identity from Chatin and Cilke he was given the nickname Clive. (Campus Safari, strip 212)
  • Dislikes Dallas. From Twinky's point of view, he always seems be thinking and that makes him uncomfortable. Plus he considers him to meddlesome when Dallas tries to convince him to forget about pursuing Chatin. (Campus Safari, strip 367)(Campus Safari, strip 394)
  • For his eventual trip to retrieve the other Hybrids, Chatin volunteered to pilot, Rad would be going as backup, and Dallas would be coming... (Campus Safari, strip 374)
  • Likes Heath and may be developing a relationship with her.
  • Was supposed to go shopping with Sean and Stephen when he received his chit card, but for some reason they weren't there. Dallas volunteered to take him, but first wanted to check on those two. (Campus Safari, strip 395)
    • Quinn ambushed him first, and her 'enthusiasm' intimidated him even more than Dallas. (Campus Safari, strip 396) Celina would end up rescuing him, (Campus Safari, strip 420) which would allow for his meeting up with Heath. (Campus Safari, strip 423)
  • Was a bit put off when Cesilee ambushed him, burying her face in his tail since he smelled human. (Campus Safari, strip 671)
  • Enjoys Rhampa Ribs, but not Candy Rollies once he found out they were giant pill bugs covered with sugar. (Campus Safari, strip 685)

  • First appeared in No Angel going to his room after having gone shopping in Campus Safari, fearing something might go wrong on his trip to Earth where he wouldn't be able to return to Mars, and fearing Velour. (No Angel, strip 198)
  • His dorm room is number MT-08, which he shares with Stephen, Marcus, and Sean. (No Angel, strip 203)
  • Got on Tizzy's bad side by entering his room while Tizzy was destroying it and intimidating Marcus - then called it a mutant cat. (No Angel, strip 206)

  • First appeared in Campus Safari 2.0 in skunk form watching Jules and Marcus bring Chatin, Silver, and Cilke home with them. (CS2, Chapter 5, strip 9)
    • Twinky has changed from the original Campus Safari. He was always scrawny, nerdy, loner type, but he and Velour no longer live 'on campus'. Instead, they live in an 'abandoned' warehouse a bit away from town. Twinky is still known as Twinky for his love of spongy yellow cakes filled with cream.
  • Next seen in Human form telling Velour he had broken into a safe and obtained several hundred dollars and personal info for her. (CS2, Chapter 7, strip 3)
    • Admits to himself he doesn't like her because she uses him, and he lets her use him because he doesn't want to be alone. (CS2, Chapter 7, strip 4)
    • Wants to lead their guard 'dogs' away while they're in a stupor and free them, but is fearful they may remember how they were treated and return to eat them. (CS2, Chapter 7, strip 5) Doesn't want her to treat [Chatin|the new Skunks] he saw the same way. (CS2, Chapter 7, strip 6)

Fun Fact

  • Originally, Twinky was intended to be a normal skunk who would hang around with Chatin, and served as Velour's spy but he was so well liked, that he was merged with the Hybrid characters to become one of them.
  • Obtained a 'pointy stick' shirt at one point. (Campus Safari, strip 509)